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Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

In a recent newsletter, we highlighted some of the reasons (/excuses) businesses sometimes give as to why they aren’t ready to use Work for Good. One of these reasons, quite understandably, is that they don’t have cash to spare.

However, the great thing about Work for Good is that you can donate in ways that work for you. You can give as much or as little as you want, as often as you can. If that’s £50 a year — wonderful!

To support this, a number of the charities we have registered with us have let us know the difference that a £50 donation would make to them.

Think Forward

£50 provides a vulnerable young person with vital one to one coaching to keep them on track to successfully transition from school to work.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Brain & Spine Foundation

£50 enables one person to receive support from our neuroscience nurses over the phone or by email.

Malaria No More UK

£50 trains two volunteers to test and treat malaria. In Kenya, 70% of the Kenyan population live in malaria-risk areas. Our work here is supporting the training and supervision of over 300 Community Health Volunteers who take malaria care into communities and people’s homes. Along with offering quick diagnosis testing and treatment, the Community Health Volunteers are also providing malaria protection advice, including the use and care of mosquito nets, making sure those who need more nets, get them.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Evelina Children’s Hospital, London

Donations of £10–£50 have a huge impact! Some examples are as follows:-

Disability Law Service

When it comes to legal advice, many may expect that £50 will not go far. But we are structured to ensure efficiency such that £50 will enable 12 disabled people and their carers to get initial advice to assist them with obtaining access to the law and their rights. As a charity where 97.2% of donations goes directly into providing services to disabled people, donors can be sure that their money will be put to valuable use.


School of Night Rabbits: £50 provides a week’s evening classes for around 60 street children in the busy city of Bolgatanga, northern Ghana. These evening classes provide children living and working on the streets with the opportunity to get back into formal schooling, providing them with basic literacy and numeracy skills so they can return to school and have a better chance in the future.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Family Livelihoods Support Programme: £50 provides a small loan to a mother in a rural community in northern Ghana. A loan to help her setup or grow a small family business so she can generate a profit to better provide for her children and their education, giving them brighter prospects for the future.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.


A donation of £50 enables FareShare to redistribute enough surplus food for charities to serve up 200 meals, so it makes a huge difference to the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Women and Children First

£50 can pay for a facilitator to run one of our life-saving women’s groups for a year. You can find out more about these here.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Future for Heroes

£50 can make a huge difference to Future for Heroes as much of our funding is restricted with arrangements concerning the spending that can occur. Some of our delegates have little in the way of personal possessions or spare money to use to travel to our courses — the only financial aspect of their attendance we do not routinely support. £50 would make the difference perhaps between attending our personal change programme or not — despite actual attendance costs being provided.

Action for A-T

As we fund medical research into the rare childhood disease Ataxia Telangiectasia a large proportion of the funds we raise are invested in the people who carry out the research. £50 would fund two hours-worth of research carried out by a postdoctoral research fellow.

Cool Earth

A donation to Cool Earth of £50 is equivalent to saving 200 endangered rainforest trees. Preventing their destruction locks in over 200 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That’s over 10 times the yearly emissions caused by the average UK citizen. So for a small business, you can see why it makes sense to give to Cool Earth rather than to traditional offsetting schemes.

But that’s not the best bit. Giving to Cool Earth also supports some of the world’s poorest and vulnerable people. Our projects increase healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities for indigenous communities in Peru, Papua New Guinea, and the Congo, so your donation doesn’t just save trees, it saves lives.

Transitions UK

As a relatively new charity £50 makes a significant contribution to changing young lives. £50 pays for:

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Candoco Dance Company

A donation of £50 will support one young person to attend our weekly classes for a term, and £150 will allow them to attend for a whole year. Providing a variety of access routes into dance for young people forms an integral part of our work, and our youth dance programme offers regular dance classes, performance opportunities and exciting partnership projects. Regular donations enable Candoco to continue to create the high quality work seen on stage and to continue working with over 7,000 people each year.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Trees for Cities

£50 could help plant 10 trees in cities, which would help improve air pollution, absorb carbon, improve the quality of green spaces for recreation and access to nature and help local biodiversity.

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

By donating £50 to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity you can pay for 2 hours of specialist nursing care from a Roald Dahl children’s nurse, supporting families facing incredibly difficult times. That £50 becomes a shoulder to cry on, a friendly voice at the end of a phone, and the priceless reassurance for parents of knowing you have access to an expert on your child’s condition.

Street Child

£50 is the amount given to a caregiver to set up a family business.The Family Business Scheme includes a start up grant and daily business mentoring to ensure a sustainable education and future for their whole family.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Worldwide Cancer Research

£26.60 will power approximately 1 hour of research time whilst £266.00 powers approximately 1 day of research time.*

* The weekly, monthly and annual costs to support a single research project are £1,330, £5,333 and £64,006 respectively. In context, Worldwide Cancer Research currently support 156 active research projects across 20 countries.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Housing Options Scotland

At Housing Options Scotland we have been helping disabled people, older people and disabled veterans find the right home in the right place for almost 20 years. We are a small Scottish national charity working across all 32 Local authorities and last year we helped more than 600 individuals and families.

A Home is so important to us all, with the right home we can access employment, education, our community and we can spend time with friends and family. For disabled people and older people, the right home is even more important. Without the right home, people can become isolated, lonely and not be able access all the world has to offer them. That’s where Housing Options Scotland can help.

Our expert staff and volunteers help and support individuals and families through the difficult journey of finding the right home in the right place. Our service is free and we never close a case until the individual or family are happy for us to.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “its good to talk”? We we believe that “its better to talk face to face”. As a small organisation covering a wide geographic area, it is a challenge to offer a home visit to every person that needs our service. Although modern technology means that we can provide our service from anywhere in the country, we know the benefit of being able to speak to someone face to face.

A visit from one of our staff or volunteers helps the individual or family put a face to the name, it lets them know that someone empathises with their situation, it lets them know that someone cares. For our organisation it means that we can see first hand what the housing issue is, so we can more quickly help them solve it.

£50 means that we can visit an individual or family to help them find a solution to their housing issue. With enough £50’s, we can offer this to every disabled person, older person and disabled veteran who asks for our help, to find the right home, in the right place.

Think your donation wouldn’t make a difference? Here’s what £50 can do.

Have you decided who your first £50 will go to? Create your Work for Good account to get started here. Questions? Contact: hello@workforgood.co.uk.