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Calling all charities! Are you turning away businesses due to commercial participation?

We regularly hear from our wonderful charities that they used to turn away a significant number of approaches from businesses due to the rules surrounding Commercial Participation (see under schedule 3) and the need for a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA). Thanks to Work for Good, this is no longer a problem!

Part of the magic of receiving donations via Work for Good is that the CPA is created through our T&C’s. The combination of the charity and business having both signed T&Cs with Work for Good creates the CPA between the charity and business without them having to sign anything bilaterally. As such smaller commitments, below your threshold for a customised approach, can be routed through our platform rather than turned away.

So why not get in touch with those businesses and ask them to sign up so that they can support you? Any business can sign up using this link and we’d be very happy to handle any questions they might have.