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Helping businesses give to charity

If you’ve ever thought about giving to a charity or a cause you care about through your business, now’s the time to make it happen.
Choose a charity to support and set up your first donation to start making a difference. We’ll give your business a public profile to tell your giving story and we’ll help you share it with your customers, clients and on your social networks as people want to buy from and work for companies that do good.
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Collectively we can make a BIG difference.

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How our members work for good

  • Zoe
    Zoe's story

    The Hypnobirthing Place give 10% of course fees to charities supporting safer births.

  • Ben
    Ben's story

    The Web Kitchen gave over £8000 through a Christmas sales promotion.

  • Laura
    Laura's story

    Kaihoko give 5% of their fees to charities that their clients select.

“The money we raise from businesses each year helps us to provide critical clean water to millions of people globally.”

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Clients love knowing that they can make a difference by choosing a business that works for good.

Kim Selby, North South Studio

Member since September 2016

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