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How the humble crumble is helping to tackle climate change

Friends of the Earth is a charity that inspires and supports people to take local, national and global action to improve lives and protect the environment.

Focused on environmental campaigning they are always looking for new ways to raise funds and deliver their mission and joining Work for Good has allowed them to reach new audiences whilst managing the tremendous support from sole-traders, start-ups and small businesses who want to make the world a better place through their work.

They talked to us about how the platform has now helped them support small businesses.

“We had many brilliant supporters get in touch who were already doing some incredible things to protect the environment and wished to go further by giving to us through their business. We sadly had to often decline partnering with them due to time and capacity constraints and had no alternative to offer until we signed up to Work For Good. This was really disappointing both for us and the businesses in question — as we greatly appreciated their generous offers of support!

“Work For Good, is the first business-specific fundraising platform we’ve ever used. It has been designed to enable these businesses to build in giving into their day to day work and give them recognition of their efforts. And what’s more, it takes care of time constraints that have previously meant we had to turn away businesses who wished to support us in this way.

Another great feature of the Work For Good platform is the ability to showcase the latest news about our work and campaigns to give a better insight into what their donations have helped us achieve.”

How the humble crumble is helping to tackle climate change

Humble Crumble operates as a street-food and pop up crumble bar and for each crumble sold, they donate 20p to Friends of the Earth. We spoke to the founder Kimberley Innes:

“Running a socially responsible business to me, is multi-faceted but all about impact. When starting Humble Crumble, I felt that it was imperative to build a business that put the environment at the core. With every crumble, I thought about how I could reduce CO2 and waste — which is hard for street food to do. I’ve picked my fruits; asked local communities to donate their home-grown apples; use compostable packaging and where possible, I run a return-a-ramekin scheme to reduce single-use waste.

And her advice for other small business owners..

“By donating a part or percentage of your product sold, you’re able to run your business in a way that promotes change, leaves a positive impression with your customers and allows you to donate at a level that can help you grow.”

How the humble crumble is helping to tackle climate change

Meagan Rossen, founder of Happy Pantry curates speciality food, beauty and lifestyle gift bundles and chose to mirror her personal social conscious into her business:

“In my personal life I regularly donate to various charities. Before I launched Happy Pantry I knew I wanted it to be a socially responsible company. I wanted to ensure the work I was doing would have an extra depth of meaning.

I was so pleased Friends of the Earth introduced me to the Work For Good platform. It’s made it very easy for a small business like mine to donate. ”

How Friends of the Earth are helping our planet:

— They implemented doorstep recycling in our homes.

— Through their Big Ask campaign, we now have The Climate Change Act

— Their Bee Cause campaign inspired over 350 Bee Worlds across the UK to be created and convinced the government to draw up a national action plan to reverse bee decline.

— They have successfully helped to prevent any fracking taking place in the UK for the past 5 years.

How the humble crumble is helping to tackle climate change

A final word from Friends of the Earth..

“Friends of the Earth would like to express our huge thanks for the generous support of all the businesses that have pledged to give to our work through Work For Good — with a special thanks to Humble Crumble and Happy Pantry.”

And from us..

Together, with you, Friends of the Earth are determined to change the world for good, creating a cleaner, healthier, fairer world for everyone, for today and generations to come.

Collectively we have the power to make a difference, and today as a sole-trader, start-up, small or large business YOU can take action by setting up a regular donation to them through your business.

Work for Good — Friends of the Earth.