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How do you Work for Good? A Case Study

In conversation with: The Hypnobirthing Place

Flexibility and choice is one of the strengths of Work for Good but we also understand that endless options can have the opposite effect in helping you decide ‘how’ to Work for Good.

To help, below are five ways that your business could donate to charity via Work for Good:

1. Give a day
Choose a day and donate all/% of your revenue earned that day.

2. Give through your fees
Dedicate a % of fees for specific clients or projects to charity.

3 Give through your product sales
Donate a % of revenue of one/all your products to charity.

4. Give when you succeed
- Donate a %/fixed amount when you exceed your targets.

5. Give in your own way
- If you have a creative idea for how you’d like to give through your business, please let us know.

We recently spoke to Zoe from The Hypnobirthing Place who has chosen option no.2 ‘Give through your fees’. You can read the full interview below as well as how one of their chosen charities Women and Children First UK feels about their work here.

Stay tuned for future case studies that bring to life real examples of businesses utilising some other ways to give.

If you’d like help in deciding the best way for your business to Work for Good, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss.

How do you Work for Good? A Case Study