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Giving is good for your business: The proof!

There is no doubt that giving to charity in an intelligent way is good for your business. How? Read on to find out more.

Giving is good for your business: The proof!

Your customers are starting to expect it

Businesses are approaching sustainability and CSR initiatives as need-to-haves, not just nice-to-haves.

As consumers demand more and more from the companies they engage and spend money with, businesses are debunking the myth that pursuing sustainability is a drain on profits. Instead, they are understanding that by delivering on customer demands, as well as trying to do what’s right as global citizens, these programmes can actually boost the bottom line.

According to the Global CSR Study, 90% respondents indicated they would switch brands to support a specific cause, and 84% purposefully sought out socially-responsible products.

Giving is good for your business: The proof!

Your employees want it

Three quarters of the UK workforce want their employer to balance commercial success with good CSR strategies, including supporting charities (75%).

Μore than one in 10 (15%) of employees would take a significant pay cut to work for a company that has the right attitude towards charities.

According to the PwC Managing Tomorrows People Survey, 88% said they were looking for an employer with CSR values that reflected their own, and 86% said they would consider leaving an employer if they found their CSR values to be lacking.

Hear it from business leaders

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever recently shared the below on LinkedIn: “Consumers are asking for brands with purpose. Unilever brands with social mission (are) growing 30% faster than (the) rest of (the) business.”

Giving is good for your business: The proof!

Cat Gazzoli from Piccolo (organic baby food makers) says: “I don’t believe you can start a brand in this day and age without thinking about what you want to give back.”

Giving is good for your business: The proof!

Joining Work for Good could be the best business decision you make this year!