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Work for Good makes it easy for small businesses to donate to charity through their sales and publicise their giving.

Donating to charity as a business can be challenging due to the legal requirements, however Work for Good automates this process making it accessible for any size business to donate within minutes.

Join the community of hundreds of small businesses to support a cause you care about, and be part of something that reflects your businesses values.

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How our members work for good

  • Zoe
    Zoe's story

    The Hypnobirthing Place give 10% of course fees to charities supporting safer births.

  • Ben
    Ben's story

    The Web Kitchen gave over £8000 through a Christmas sales promotion.

  • Laura
    Laura's story

    Kaihoko give 5% of their fees to charities that their clients select.

“We believe in inspiring businesses to come together to create a better world – one that is good for people and the planet.”

Our charity members

Clients love knowing that they can make a difference by choosing a business that works for good.

Kim Selby, North South Studio

Member since September 2016

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