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What is Work for Good?

Work for Good is the easy way for your small business to donate to charity - legally

If you have a small business and want to donate to charity and publicise your giving (also known as cause-related marketing) this can be complex due to legal requirements.

In order to be legally compliant, a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) must be set up with each individual charity, which is both time consuming and costly for charities to produce and minimum donations can be required. Unfortunately, this means charities aren’t always able to accept smaller cause-related marketing donations. This is where Work for Good helps.

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Here’s how it works:

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    It's quick and easy to sign up and create an account.

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    Choose a charity you'd like to support and pledge a donation (specifying that you would like to publicise this support), creating your individual CPA.  

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    Share your giving on your website, social media and promotional materials to demonstrate your values to your customers or clients (nb: you can only do this if you specified that you would like to publicise your support, when you pledged a donation.).

Benefits of Work for Good:

  • Automatically create a CPA with each charity you donate to

  • Discover and donate to hundreds of charities

  • Publicise your giving using the Work for Good logo

  • Set targets for your donations

  • No minimum donation size

  • One to one support from our dedicated team

How much does it cost?

We deduct 5% (exc VAT) from donations to support our work to raise even more funds for charities.

There’s no processing charge for donations paid by BACS. If you donate by card there is a small charge (20p + 1.4% inc VAT) which goes directly to the payment processing provider.