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What is it?

When a business wants to fundraise through their sales, they are known as 'commercial participators' and they must have a legal agreement in place with each charity they want to support. This is called a Commercial Participation Agreement, and sets out terms for both parties to agree to.

This agreement must be compliant with charity law and takes time and resource to create, which comes at a cost to charities.

Therefore charities will often ask that the business commit to a minimum donation - which may range from £1,000 to £50,000.

Unfortunately, these minimum commitments are out of reach for many small businesses, and charities miss out on vital income and engaging with their supporters.

The terms must include:

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    The charity name

    Which charity your business is raising funds for

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    The specifics

    State exactly how you will raise funds and over which time period

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    The fundraising target

    How much you estimate you will raise and the due date of payment

How we make it easy

Through our platform small businesses can quickly create the agreement via our easy to use donations form, without having to negotiate long contracts. The terms are written into our T&Cs, which both businesses and charities agree to when they sign up and are reconfirmed by the business when they set up a fundraising campaign.

Within minutes, a small business can start fundraising and charities can be assured that the legal side is taken care of, leaving both sides able to enjoy the benefits of sales fundraising.

How to create an agreement?

  1. Sign up
  2. Create your Commercial Participation Agreement
  3. Generate your Commercial Participation statement
  4. Start fundraising through your sales
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