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Our Planet, Our Business

Our planet is facing an emergency. The loss of nature threatens everyone’s future. From combating climate change and fixing the food system to restoring the health of our ocean and rivers, we need radical changes to put things right. 

Businesses have a vital role in building a sustainable future, all businesses depend on nature. The planet provides our societies with all the things we need for free: clean air and water, food, soil, a benign climate, productive seas.

But the global loss of nature is making the planet less stable and is already costing our economies trillions of dollars every year.

Experts say we have to make drastic changes to avoid catastrophic changes to our planet. But it can be done if we re-imagine ‘business as usual’.

Our film ‘Our Planet, Our Business’, inspired by the Our Planet Netflix series, combines stunning wildlife footage with the voices of influential business leaders to explain the immense value of nature to our economy and the critical role that business can play in tackling the global environmental crisis.

Wherever you work, whatever sector you work in, you can fight for your world by sharing this film with the people you work with.

Wear it Wild is back... and it's FIERCE!

Wear it Wild is back... and it's FIERCE!

Wear it Wild is WWF's annual fundraising event and the idea is simple. We ask everyone across the country to join us in an item of wildlife-inspired clothing, whilst raising funds to help protect our incredible world.

We want to see you wear it. Brave it. Rock it. Nail it. Boss it. Strut it. We want to see you work it. No matter how you Wear it Wild, it's time to get fierce for your world.


We are the first generation to know we are destroying the world. And we could be the last that can do anything about it. Since 1970 our global wildlife populations have declined by more than half.

Nature provides our life-support system. We cannot survive without it. So we must all act right now to reverse the damage and restore nature. Together, we can save our world, and help nature and people thrive for future generations.

If we’re going to save our world, we need to be fiercer, braver and louder than we’ve ever been.


You can Wear it Wild in any way you like. From penguin print tops, tiger stripe ties or a subtle pair of elephant earrings... or a complete parrot costume - the choice is yours!

Your day can be as simple as dressing in wildlife-inspired clothing and asking staff for a small donation. Or you could take your fundraising to the next level and arrange an office activity and encourage everyone to dress wild and donate. Everyone loves a wild cake sale or a lunchtime quiz and our fundraising ideas are here to help.


Getting your workplace to Wear it Wild offers your organisation a great opportunity to work towards corporate social responsibility objectives, as well as showing your employees, customers and other businesses that you care about the fight for your world.