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Making it easier for you to receive donations from small businesses

Work for Good offers you an opportunity to encourage your small business supporters to fundraise through the sales of their products or services. This allows them to donate to your charity in a simple, sustainable and legal way.

Here's how it works

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    It's quick and easy to sign up and create your profile page.

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    Use our resources to contact your small business supporters and refer them to Work for Good.

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    Donations will be paid to you on a monthly basis.

Why charities choose us:

  • The platform digitally creates the Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) allowing businesses to link donations to the sales of products and services

  • Businesses are not permitted to use your logo, but can talk about donating to you in plain text

  • There are no minimum donation thresholds

  • We steward small business donors, making sure they feel appreciated and supported

  • You can keep track of your donations and export reports for your records

  • Resources are available to free up your time and make your job easier

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Work for Good has enabled us to track our donations, learn more about our small business supporters and have a better relationship with them.

How does the Commercial Participation Agreement work?

The Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) is integrated into our T&C's. By signing up to Work for Good, your charity will digitally enter into a CPA with any business who would like to support you.

The business enters into their part of the CPA when they pledge a donation to you.

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How much does it cost?

We deduct 5% (exc VAT) from donations to support our work to raise even more funds for you. There's no processing charge for donations paid by BACS. If a business donates by card there is a small charge (20p + 1.4% inc VAT) which goes directly to the payment processing provider.

Join hundreds of charities already on Work for Good