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International Dog Day: 8 Remarkable Dog Rescue & Welfare Charities

Rescue Dog & Welfare Charity blog post

We love our dogs! In recent research, 33 percent of households in the UK now own at least one dog*! Dogs provide unconditional love, companionship, and happiness to millions of people and families. In fact, dogs change lives.

Yet right now, charities that rescue and protect these wonderful animals are in dire need of support. Due to COVID-19, charities including Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Blue Cross, and RSPCA are struggling to keep up with demand for their services.

A survey conducted by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home looked into how the pandemic has put immense pressure on the animal rescue sector:

  • A surge in demand for new pets during lockdowns has meant a predicted rise in neglect and violence against these animals.
  • Owners who are cautious of catching coronavirus are less likely to take their pets to vets or get them neutered and chipped.
  • Many are unable to look after their animals due to financial hardships, resulting in pet abandonment.
Rescue Dog & Welfare Charity blog post

That’s why International Dog Day (26 August 2021), is a great day to celebrate and support the incredible work animal welfare charities do, from rescuing and rehoming abandoned pets to providing essential emergency veterinary services. It’s also a wonderful day to launch a fundraising campaign for a charity through your small business. After all, charities rely on donations from the public to continue their critical work.

By raising money for a dog charity through sales, small businesses will help charities rescue, protect and rehome dogs and puppies. What’s more, customers love to know they are contributing to a good cause when they spend their money.

So whether you're a dog walker or own a PR agency, a pet groomer, or an insurance broker, by supporting a nonprofit, your business can make sure our four-legged friends are properly cared for, and loved.

Rescue Dog & Welfare Charity blog post

Here are eight dog charities in the UK that your small business can support to keep those tails wagging!

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Since 1860, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has been dedicated to helping dogs have the best chances of happiness possible. Every year, it welcomes thousands of vulnerable canines, giving them the TLC they need to be ready for a new, forever home. There’s a non-selective intake policy where it never turns away any dog, regardless of condition, breed, age, or behavioral problem.

Staff provide vet care such as vaccinations or longer-term treatment for ill health. This is alongside enrichment activities centred around animal wellbeing, such as training, days out, grooming, and individual care plans. The home also holds educational programs for the public and is an official training practice for student veterinary nurses.

Birmingham Dogs Home

Working in communities across the Midlands, Birmingham Dogs Home has been rescuing, reuniting, and rehoming neglected dogs for almost 130 years. It takes care of more than 2,500 dogs each year and has a robust system for ensuring they’re matched with the most suitable owner possible.

What’s special about Birmingham Dogs Home is that its two centres are surrounded by beautiful countryside. There’s plenty of green and open spaces for dogs to exercise in and spend time getting to know their potential new owners. The home also provides educational talks and resources to local organisations such as schools, retirement homes, scout groups, and hospices.

Cardiff Dogs Home, The Rescue Hotel

The Rescue Hotel supports the hundreds of dogs that stay at Cardiff Dogs Home. It began after a group of volunteer dog walkers realised that the home needed more financial help. The funds they receive go towards toys, food, veterinary care, training, activities, and programmes to improve dog wellbeing.

Cardiff Dogs Home has received RSPCA PawPrints Awards each year since 2008. It takes in almost 1,000 dogs every year, where kind and dedicated staff conduct detailed behavioural tests to ensure dogs are matched with the most suitable owners.


PDSA works across the UK on the frontline of pet poverty, helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and owners. It has been caring for sick and injured pets since 1917 giving them the much-needed treatment that’s often too expensive for owners.

PDSA is committed to protecting and healing animals. It treats injuries such as road accidents, carries out lifesaving operations and provides treatments to prevent disease. It leads many conversations around pet wellbeing and health, and as well as dogs also cares for cats, rabbits, budgies and other small furries.


The RSPCA raises the standards of animal care and spreads awareness of issues that affect them. As well as campaigning, it rehabilitates and rehomes animals in need. Local self-funded branches of the RSPCA are crucial in supporting the overall mission of the charity but rely on direct donations as well as volunteers to do their work.

RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch

The North Bedfordshire branch provides neglected animals with necessary veterinary treatment and helps them find safe and happy homes. It also supports pet owners by giving them the financial aid they need to look after their animals, ensuring pets can stay within families for a long time.

RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

This branch of the RSPCA has a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who work with animals without homes, giving them everyday care to get them ready for adoption. It provides rehabilitation through medical treatment, food, training, and wellbeing programmes, as well as supplying the local community with advice for looking after pets.

RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch

Around 600 animals are helped each year by the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch. Like other branches, it’s committed to supporting every animal that comes into its care after suffering from cruelty or neglect. Hard-working volunteers give the animals somewhere comfortable to stay and lots of wellbeing support.

Blue Cross

The Blue Cross looks after around 40,000 sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets every year. It provides veterinary care to dogs and other small pets at its animal hospitals, helping them on their way to finding their new forever homes.

The charity’s other initiatives include bereavement support for pet owners. This special service helps those who are grieving pet death or separation via phone and web helplines. The volunteer network is made up of committed individuals who are trained to listen and give advice to anyone going through pet loss.

Rescue Dog & Welfare Charity blog post

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