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RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch

RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch is an independent, entirely self funded charity and one of the many branches that supports the work of the RSPCA. We rehabilitate and rehome animals in desperate need, including victims of cruelty and abandonment, all within our local area of North Bedfordshire.


Registered charity no. 202037

Member since October 2020

About us

RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch is a very small self funded charity that is predominantly run by a team of dedicated volunteers and three members of staff. We take in and care for sick, injured, stray and unwanted cats and small animals within our local area of North Bedfordshire, including victims of cruelty. We ensure they are given the correct veterinary treatment before finding them safe and happy forever homes. Where possible and when funds allow, we also provide care and support to owners, helping with neutering or spay costs, veterinary consult fees or veterinary treatment to help pets stay within their family homes and prevent animal neglect or abandonment. We have one charity shop situated in Bedford town center which raises funds for our animal welfare work.