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Babysitters Of

Book an experienced, reliable and friendly and babysitter online.


Member since July 2016


Quite simply, Babysitters Of enables parents to maintain contact with the outside world!

We provide an easy way for parents across London, Norfolk and Cheltenham to book an experienced, reliable and friendly babysitter online.

To book a babysitter:
1) Set up a free account at,
2) Create a request,
3) Hear from available babysitters,
4) Book your preferred babysitter

Appointments are £12 an hour from 7am-1am and £15 an hour outside of this and on public/special holidays.

We do not charge booking or subscription fees but we do charge for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before (50% of the value of the booking) and 12 hours (100% of the value of the booking) before the appointment.

Requests automatically expire after 48 hours if a babysitter is not booked, in order to guarantee up to date availability.

Although we don't have a minimum on booking times, we tend to find that appointments which are 3 hours+ (or 4 hours+ on Friday/Saturday night's) are more likely to be accepted by babysitters.

If you have any questions about Babysitters Of, how the service works or if you need help with a booking, please contact us.