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October’s Sales Fundraising Stars: Four Business Women Raising Awareness Of Baby Loss.

Each month we bring together four businesses and highlight the incredible people behind them, all of whom support charities through their work. We also hope this space raises awareness.

To mark Baby Loss Awareness Week (9–15 October), this month's Sales Fundraising Stars are four women who are using their businesses to fundraise for charities that have provided them, or a loved one, with much-needed help and support through difficult times.

Founded by an alliance of charities including the ones mentioned in this blog, Baby Loss Awareness Week is a special time for people with similar experiences in pregnancy and baby loss to come together. The week gives them a safe and supportive community to help them know they are not alone.

Please scroll down to read these special stories.

Please note: the following stories may be triggering for readers.


SElina, Founder of MurrayandMe
I’m so thankful to have found The Tommys Rainbow Clinic to have had such expert care and to have been cared for so lovingly. I don't know how I would've got through the pregnancy without them.”

- Selina Murray, Founder of MurrayandMe.

Selina Murray began to create jewellery after her daughter Lexi was born sleeping in 2015. This heartbreaking experience, made her determined to do something productive during her maternity leave, and Selina began designing jewellery.

From this came MurryandMe, a beautiful jewellery brand that sells exquisite, personalised treasures.

Available online, Selina designs primarily for mothers, hand stamping their children’s names, initials or birthdates onto the design. These one-of-a-kind pieces hold real meaning and can be cherished forever.

Money from every sale is donated to Tommy’s, a charity that holds extra special meaning for Selina. In her subsequent pregnancy with her daughter Olivia, she was expertly cared for by the Tommy’s Rainbow clinic in Manchester. The clinic gives specialist antenatal care to those who have suffered a previous stillbirth or neonatal death.

£10 from the sale of diamond pieces and £2 from every other jewellery sale goes to Tommy’s. Selina has raised an incredible £10,181 so far, making a huge impact for others needing Tommy's wonderful support.

After The Storm Mobiles

After The Storm Mobiles
I wanted to create something that would celebrate rainbow babies while also honouring losses in some way.”

- Jane Elsey, Maker and Founder of After The Storm Mobiles.

After experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss in the years following the birth of her son, Jane Elsey gave birth to her daughter in 2019, and wanted to do something that could help those similarly affected by baby loss. So she set up her business After The Storm Mobiles, where she handcrafts wool felt nursery mobiles and raises funds for charity.

The mobiles bring colour and joy to rainbow babies (the name often given to babies born after a loss) and are also created to honour baby loss. Jane taught herself how to make the mobiles and has handcrafted 146 so far. All mobiles are bespoke and mark losses in specific personal ways.

After The Storm Mobiles supports Tommy’s, the largest charity in the UK that researches causes and prevention of pregnancy complications, miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and neonatal death. From every sale 50% is donated to Tommy’s, and Jane has raised £2,245.44 to date.

“Mummy Makes” by Nadia

“I always hope that my rainbow creations can help to put a smile on someone's face, to brighten up their day…to support these wonderful families, it really does make me happy.”

- Nadia Mengassini, Founder of “Mummy Makes” by Nadia.

​​Nadia Mengassini is the driving force behind “Mummy Makes” by Nadia. She designs, makes and sells beautiful handmade personalised creations. Each item is carefully crafted with love, from macrame home decor to rainbow cake toppers.

“When a cloud comes over us on the darkest of days, know that the storm will pass and bring us a beautiful rainbow uplifting our days", this is what one of Nadia’s customers said to her about her rainbow creations, and the sentiment reflects how she feels about the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, which she donates to through her business. The charity significantly impacts so many families by providing emotional and practical support and uplifting children through their most challenging times.

Nadia donates money via her rainbow sales and doubles the donation where possible. Through “Mummy Makes” by Nadia, she has given an amazing £163.00 to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity.

Cheshire Yoga Babies

Cheshire Yoga Baboes
As a yoga teacher, I recognise how the benefits of yoga could help women during pregnancy and the postnatal period.”

- Maria Kelly, Founder of Cheshire Yoga Babies.

Maria Kelly began Cheshire Yoga Babies when pregnant with her son. She runs nourishing yoga courses and classes for pregnant and postnatal women. Classes also provide a space for women to connect with others, and include after-class walks in nature or lunches at local restaurants.

Sadly, some of the mums in her pregnancy yoga classes have experienced baby loss. And when a close friend lost their baby, Maria decided to donate to Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. This was a way for her to offer support through her business and importantly show the women in her community that their experiences are acknowledged.

£1 from every sale of baby yoga clothing from Cheshire Yoga Babies goes to Sands. Maria also hosts yearly fun themed classes (this year was a summer festival party), with all proceeds going to charity. She has raised over £200.00 so far.


If you are a parent or family that has experienced pregnancy or baby loss please visit the Baby Loss Awareness Week website for information on where you can go for support.