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Free UK Awareness Day Calendar 2022.

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Work for Good's 2022 UK Awareness Day Calendar is here - download it for free.

Created to inspire and help small businesses align with causes they, and their customers, truly care about. Small businesses can use it to help them plan engaging social media content and a marketing strategy that makes an impact.

What Is An Awareness Day?

There is an awareness day almost every day of the year, many of which have a light-hearted message but others that have been created to raise awareness of a serious issue. Founded by organisations including the UN and many UK charities, the goal of an awareness day, week or month is to mobilise people to take action and drive change. From global days like International Women's Day to Baby Loss Awareness Week in the UK, there are hundreds of powerful awareness events that small businesses can connect with and use their platform to educate, raise awareness and make an impact.

Companies that lead with purpose and build around it can achieve continued loyalty, consistency, and relevance in the lives of consumers - Deloitte

Brand activism really matters to consumers, and people want and expect businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to show and prove that they care about more than just profit.

In a recent study by Deloitte they found that 'Purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors' and 'companies that lead with purpose and build around it can achieve continued loyalty, consistency, and relevance in the lives of consumers'.

So whether you're an accountant, a beautician, a designer or own a cafe, businesses of all sizes need to align themselves with causes they truly care about.

If done authentically, including an awareness day, week or month in your marketing plan can be a powerful way for small businesses to do this, whilst also boosting engagement on social media and getting people interested in their products and services.

But being authentic is crucial.

In the past, it was common to see businesses jump on the bandwagon of an awareness event, and produce a last-minute ‘panic’ social media post with a couple of references and a hashtag. Even though this is often done with the best intentions, this can come across as insincere. So it is key that businesses only align with awareness events that genuinely fit with their brand values.



Here are six tips to help small businesses use awareness days in their 2022 marketing strategy:

  1. Be genuine: Stick with awareness days that align with good causes close to your heart and business values.
  2. Plan: Pick one to three a year, no more, and give yourself time to create a memorable, authentic campaign. Consumers need to see a commitment to raising awareness of an issue through consistent messaging across several touch points - social media, website, newsletter and even on product.
  3. Be creative: Don't miss out on some of the more light-hearted and popular awareness days such as World Friendship Day, Galentines, or World Happiness Day, these days can be a powerful way to raise awareness of other issues like loneliness or encouraging kindness.
  4. Craft Stories: Use the day to make an emotional connection with your followers. Tell them why this awareness event is special to you and your team, and why your brand believes it is important.
  5. Collaborate: Partner with like-minded small businesses that have the same values as you. Work together on communications that reach more people and drive more engagement across your platforms.
  6. Give back: Create a product or service that benefits the cause. Fundraise for a relevant charity through your sales and use the awareness event to help publicise your fundraising and build your community. Set up a sales-based fundraising campaign via our Work for Good fundraising platform.

Download your free Work for Good Awareness Day Calendar pdf here.

We have included key awareness days on our calendar but suggest you add in other days that align with your business. Sign-up to charities newsletters and check their social channels for information about more awareness days that your business can support.


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