For charities

The power of small is big!

There are 5.7 million small businesses in the UK and if 1 in 20 donated just 1% of their income per year, it would create £1 billion of charitable income.

Work for Good allows your charity to easily manage, process and track donations from small businesses who want to donate to you through their sales (otherwise known as cause-marketing!).

Why charities choose us:

  • Integrated Commercial Participation Agreements - allowing businesses to link their donations to the sales of products and services
  • Ability to track donations - view your donations in one place and export reports for your records
  • Brand protection - businesses are not permitted to use your logo but can talk about donating to you in plain text
  • No minimum donation amount - businesses can donate as little or as much as they'd like to, making it flexible for any sized business to donate
  • Stewardship of donors - we look after all communications with members and their stewardship journey.

How it works

  1. Sign up and set up your profile page

  2. Tell your supporters that there is a new way to donate to you

  3. Start receiving donations, paid to you on a monthly basis

We already work with hundreds of UK charities, including: NSPCC, Alzheimer's Society, Crisis, National Autistic Society, WWF-UK, Friends of the Earth, Marie Curie and Tommy’s.

Want to learn more? Have a look at our FAQS page

What it Costs

It doesn’t cost you a thing to sign up.

We deduct 5% from donations to support our work to raise even more funds for you. There's no processing charge for donations paid by BACS. If a business donates to you by card there is a small charge (20p+1.4%) which goes directly to the payment processing provider.

Fees listed are exclusive of VAT.

“Work for Good has enabled us to track our donations, learn more about our small business supporters and have a better relationship with them”

Our charity members