How it works

Work for Good is a brilliant way for you to raise more vital funds.

Work for Good offers a whole new revenue stream, tapping into a donor base which is difficult and time consuming for you to access.

Charities also use Work for Good as a way to start interesting new conversations:

  • With existing corporate supporters as a new way for them to help.
  • With individual supporters who can increase donations to you by also giving within their business context.
  • As a differentiating idea with which to target potential new corporate supporters.

Here’s how the system works from your perspective:

  1. Encourage your supporters to use the Work for Good platform. The more of your regular supporters who you can engage, the more money that can be raised for your cause.
  2. When a business chooses your organisation as one of their charities to support, they’ll register the amount of money they intend to raise, and the date it will be due.
  3. When the money is due, the business will make their donation, we'll collect the funds and then pass them to you, the charity.

If you'd like to be included on our platform, please contact After verifying that you're a UK registered charity, we'll ask you to review and sign our Terms & Conditions. We'll then add you to our list of charities and when selected, your charity name will appear on each businesses individual profile page.

You can also have a small profile section on our Charities page which will include your charity name, website link, logo and a short description.