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10 Incredible Cancer Charities To Support.

Cancer Charities Your Small Business Can Fundraise For.

Thanks to magnificent charities the survival rate of cancer has doubled over the past 40 years. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

Small businesses, whatever their size, can make a big difference by raising awareness and donating to a cancer charity by raising money through sales fundraising.

Sales fundraising is when a business raises money for a charity through the sales of their products or services e.g donating £1 from every cake sold to Cancer Research UK. For many people who want to support a cancer charity on a regular basis it is a sustainable way that they can give back every month.

By fundraising for a cancer charity through sales, businesses can help charities to continue progressing their vital work and support the hundreds of people and families impacted by cancer.

Below we list ten cancer charities to support but there are also many more including local hospices and charities that do incredible work. Use our ‘Choose a Charity’ page to search for a cancer charity or hospice your business could support.

Read on to discover the work of some of the UK cancer charities and learn how your fundraising could help.

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Ten incredible cancer charities businesses can support:

Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK strives tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all those affected by what is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.

Although someone in the UK is told they have bowel cancer every 15 minutes, if diagnosed early it is treatable and curable.

The charity also funds targeted research, educates professionals, campaigns for better care, and provides support for patients and their families.

My family has been affected by bowel cancer and while I’ve experienced the amazing work our healthcare service does, I’ve also seen there is so much that still needs to be done to support people and save lives. Charities like Bowel Cancer UK ensure that crucial work can continue. I’m so glad I can support Bowel Cancer UK through my business!"

Stephanie Butler, freelance copywriter raises funds for Bowel Cancer UK through her work.

Cancer Research UK

This years marks 20 years since Cancer Research UK was founded. It’s one of the largest cancer charities in the UK. The work it does includes:

  • Funding research into how cancer can be prevented, diagnosed and treated
  • Supporting the crucial work of scientists, doctors and nurses
  • Providing relevant information and support to those who need it.

Donate £100 to Cancer Research UK, and the money could go towards a biopsy. This is where a doctor removes a tiny part of a patient’s tumour to examine in a lab.

With £500, the charity can fund the online forum Cancer Chat for a day. Cancer Chat is a safe space where patients, family and friends can talk to someone or find information about anything to do with cancer.

Young Lives Vs Cancer

Previously known as CLIC Sargent, Young Lives Vs Cancer is dedicated to supporting people under 25 who have cancer. It has helped over 6,500 families so far during the COVID-19 pandemic – this is around 23,000 people.

The charity goes beyond providing help during cancer treatment and clinical care. It assists young people and families through any challenges they may have because of cancer, such as through financial aid, emotional support, home care and bereavement support.

Young Lives Vs Cancer also lobbies the government for policy changes in areas that matter most to those dealing with cancer.

Blood Cancer UK

Blood Cancer UK is a community of scientists, doctors, nurses, campaigners, fundraisers, and volunteers determined to beat blood cancer. It has roots dating back to 1960 and has invested more than £500 million into lifesaving research and treatments since.

Not only is the charity dedicated to searching for a cure, but it also offers support for anyone who needs someone trustworthy to talk to about blood cancer.

Donations made to Blood Cancer UK go towards research projects, health information, support services and campaigns for positive changes within the healthcare system.

Worldwide Cancer Research

An hour of research can lead to many brilliant discoveries in the mission to find better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

Worldwide Cancer Research funds breakthrough research that saves people's lives and prevents suffering. It focuses on discovering new knowledge about the disease, investing over £200 million into 2,000 projects around the globe since 1979.

A donation of just £25 can pay for an hour of research, so with your support, the charity can make sure scientists can continue with their essential research.

Against Breast Cancer

As it says in the name, Against Breast Cancer works to help people with breast cancer.

The charity funds pioneering research that improves diagnosis and treatment of secondary spread breast cancer. It also improves the survival rate after diagnosis.

With your donations, Against Breast Cancer can:

  • Support research into how diet and lifestyle impact the risk of secondary breast cancer developing
  • Pay for essential laboratory equipment
  • Fund the assessment of antibodies to help scientists design new treatments and vaccines.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Every day, seven young people between the ages of 13 and 24 are told they have cancer.

The Teenage Cancer Trust provides the life-changing care these young people need, such as specialist nurses, purpose-built units and dedicated support for young people who face anxiety and isolation when undergoing treatment.

The charity operates a unit in most major NHS cancer hospitals in England. It also funds outreach nurses who travel to provide expert care to those who need it, regardless of their location.

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK strives to beat the most common cancer that affects men and help them to live long lives.

It funds groundbreaking research into prostate cancer care, such as the world's first precision medicine for prostate cancer. It also provides:

  • Specialist nursing services
  • Phone, email or online chat support
  • Extensive information about the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

A donation of £50 can fund two and a half hours of vital research into understanding prostate cancer.

Children with Cancer UK

The children’s charity, Children with Cancer UK, is looking forward to a world where all children can survive a cancer diagnosis.

It has raised more than £250 million since 1988. This money has gone towards life-saving research into the causes and treatment of cancers that affect children.

Because of generous donations, Children with Cancer UK also provides support services to young people and their families, helping them with the burden of a cancer diagnosis. For instance, the charity:

  • Builds homes near hospitals
  • Provides financial aid for those who need it
  • Hosts fun days out for all the family.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity supports the Royal Marsden Hospital, an institution with specialist units for all types of cancer.

The money the charity receives from donors funds life-saving research, clinical trials and patient environments. It builds new facilities, refurbishes old ones, and invests in the latest equipment such as cancer imaging and robotic surgery machinery.

Support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity through your business, and you can help the hospital continue to invest in invaluable research, treatment and care.

Small businesses can make a positive impact and fundraise for any of these charities through their business sales.

Find out how simple it is to make a difference on our ‘How It Works Page’.