How it works


  • Easy way to support multiple charities.
  • Differentiator for new business.
  • Strengthen existing client relationships.
  • Internal engagement tool.
  • Readymade CSR programme.
  • Our mark will display your socially responsible values.

It’s easy to turn the work you’re already being paid for into cash for the causes you care about. All you need do is follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sign-up: It's free to create an account and only takes a few minutes.

    Create your account
    Set up your profile
  2. Register a piece of work: Once you and your client(s) have agreed a piece of work, select which charity you wish to support, how much you will be donating and the date the donation will be made.
  3. Share the Good news: Download our mark and display it on your website, email signatures, business cards, vans or shop window to let your clients and employees know what you're doing (if you want to put it elsewhere, let us know and we can help).
  4. Make your donation: On the day of delivery, we'll email you to remind you to make your donation via our online payment system.

and now, relax! We'll transfer your donation to your chosen charity and send you (and any clients you've involved) a confirmation and thank you email.

Ways to give

It’s completely up to you to define how you and your business decide to give and how much. Be creative on how it works best to achieve the business benefits you want, at the same time as doing good. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Turn your time directly into money.
For example: "Instead of the team volunteering a day to dig a garden, we’ll do what we’re really good at for a day, and donate the money instead."
A % portion or specific figure that you’d like to donate from a project.
For example: "We’ll donate 5% of the profit from this project" or "we’ll donate £500 from this project."
The money made from a specific Work for Good promotion event.
For example: "We’ll donate the first months fee from every new subscriber to our service this month."
A portion of the extra money you make when you and your team do well.
For example: "If we beat our quarterly sales target, we’ll give 5% of any extra."

How have you decided to give? We’d love to hear so please contact us to let us know.

Use of the mark

Using the Work for Good mark helps to spread the word about what you’re doing. It’s:

  • Good for your people Your staff can see that they’re really making a difference.
  • Good for your business Your clients can see that you’re a socially responsible business.
  • Good for charities It helps spread the message about the work they’re doing.

Once you have created your profile, add the mark to your website, email signatures and company stationery.


During our beta phase, Work for Good won’t charge anything for using the platform and making sure your donation reaches your chosen charity.

Unfortunately, payment processing fees are unavoidable so there will be a small deduction (1.4% plus 20p per transaction) which will go entirely to our payment processing platform.

So if you donate £500, your charity will receive £492.80.

If you have questions about tax, please take a look at our simple guide on the FAQs page

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