How it works

Meet some of our amazing business members

Our members are a diverse and entrepreneurial bunch: consultants, designers, recruiters, accountants, and everything in between.

What unites them is a desire to make a difference in the world, while growing their business.

  • Zoe

    "It's a win-win for everyone"

    Member: The Hypnobirthing Place

    Sector: Health and Wellbeing

    Supports: Women and Children First

    How? Donates a portion of course fees

  • Ben

    "Telling our giving story inspires others"

    Member: The Web Kitchen

    Sector: Website Design

    Supports: Malaria No More UK

    How? Seasonal promotion

  • Laura

    "It's easy to involve our clients"

    Member: Kaihoko

    Sector: Marketing / Technology Consulting

    Supports: Multiple Charities

    How? Donates a portion of each client fee

More tales from our business members

  • Faraway

    "We’ve discovered and supported an amazing charity”

    Member: Faraway

    Sector: Travel

    Supports: MicroLoan Foundation

    How? Donated 1.5% of trip sales

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  • Lee Lam

    "My business is here to benefit all of society"

    Member: Lee Lam

    Sector: Business Consultancy

    Supports: The Chartwell Cancer Trust

    How? Pledged 10% of every invoice raised between March - December 2018

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  • BTE Automotive

    "Making a difference puts effort into perspective"

    Member: BTE Automotive

    Sector: Mechanic

    Supports: Various children's charity

    How? Donates a sum for each MOT completed

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  • Oak Fine Art Specialists

    “We want to make giving a part of our business"

    Member: Oak Fine Art Specialists

    Sector: Art Specialist

    Supports: Big Issue Foundation

    How? Give a percentage of some invoices to a charity their client chooses

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  • Miramar

    "Giving back strengthens our team"

    Member: Miramar

    Sector: Recruitment

    Supports: Future for Heroes

    How? In-kind mentoring and funding specific projects for their chosen charity

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  • Naked Ideas

    "We do what we love and the company donates"

    Member: Naked Ideas

    Sector: Digital Marketing

    Supports: Worldwide Cancer Research

    How? Donates when they work with a new client

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  • RS Sales

    "We are committed to making a difference"

    Member: RS Sales

    Sector: Wholesale Business Supply

    Supports: WaterAid

    How? Seasonal promotion

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  • Let's Go

    "The experience has been great"

    Member: Let's Go

    Sector: Business Consulting

    Supports: Hand in Hand for Syria

    How? Donated a portion of a project fee

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Business giving makes a real difference to society, and Work for Good makes sure giving is good for business too.

Brett Akker, Entrepreneur, Founder of LoveSpace and Streetcar