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We think of Work for Good as an additional team member that doesn’t sit in our office. Just taking into account the staff time and cost that you are saving, it has been really beneficial.

Helping WWF-UK

Why WWF-UK choose us

As one of the UK’s most popular charities, they have become the face for the growing public consciousness to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle and have seen a wave of young, creative small business owners approach them with requests to support the charity through their business activity.

Although thrilled by this momentum, there was growing strain on internal resources to manage these new supporters and they felt they were not stewarding them effectively within their current team processes.

We have helped to streamline the stewardship of these supporters by offering them the ability to support WWF-UK flexibly. Through the automated donation process, WWF-UK is able to keep track of supporters and income raised via their dashboard. They use their public charity profile to keep their business supporters updated on their latest activity as well as attracting new supporters that come to them organically.

How much have small businesses raised for them?

WWF-UK have so far been supported by 47 businesses and raised £48,000 in donations and pledges.

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Leeds Hospitals Charity Logo

People have been very grateful to have an easy way of supporting the hospital and feeling like their donation put together with other businesses can actually go a little bit further. Having the Commercial Participation Agreement in place, they are able to promote their support on their social channels very easily and show how they are supporting us.

Helping Leeds Hospitals Charity

Why Leeds Hospitals Charity choose us

In April 2020, Leeds Hospitals Charity like many others, saw the outpouring of love for the NHS. As a result they were inundated with deliveries of hot meals and other Gifts in Kind from local businesses wanting to do what they could for the hospital staff who were working tirelessly.

This generosity was greatly appreciated, but the team knew that the best way to support the hospital was through generating a steady flow of cash income. They were regularly being approached by businesses wanting to do more and needed a way to build on this momentum.

“Everyone we spoke to said, ‘we want to keep helping, but we don’t know how’, so we used Work For Good to give supporters a way of making a huge difference to our NHS heroes, as soon as they needed it. This was easy and could work for any business in Leeds - right down to small sole traders – so they could support at whatever level they felt possible.”

How much have small businesses raised for them?

Leeds Hospitals Charity have so far been supported by 4 different businesses and raised £13,288 in donations and pledges.

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“If someone comes to us saying that they can donate we are able to pass them to Work for Good and know that they’ll be cared for really well and we can also manage that process so much more efficiently on our end.”

Helping Tommy's

Why Tommy's choose us

We have enabled the team at Tommy’s to accept more small business donations and nurture these relationships in a way that is bespoke to this kind of supporter, as well as taking care of the admin.

“Work for Good has really helped us to transform how we work with small businesses [...] The CPAs that we had were really cumbersome and they weren’t really fit for purpose for these businesses. Businesses weren’t wanting to get bogged down in paperwork and it felt like it was getting in the way of really wonderful relationships.”

How much have small businesses raised for them?

Tommy's have so far been supported by 96 different businesses and raised £73,721.66 in donations and pledges.