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Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust

Friends of the Earth are dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. We support community groups across the country to make their local areas more climate friendly, and we lobby government to take meaningful action on climate breakdown.



Registered charity no. 281681

Member since October 2017

Latest News

Support our Work For Good partners this Plastic-Free July

Support our Work For Good partners this Plastic-Free July

Self-taught woodworker Sean Tolram started Woodwork Matters from his London studio this summer, and this unique, high quality wood tree ornament will stand the test of time in your home. Sean diverts scrap wood from landfill and turns it into gorgeous things for your home, and has committed to donating 5% of all sales to Friends of the Earth to help us protect the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. https://woodworkmatters.co.uk/

Tomorrow Creates is a fashion brand for stylish activists, who use their platform to amplify voices for change, education and community engagement. They've always believed that businesses should be built with a mission to do good, whether it’s making their customers more aware of our society or raising money for causes they believe in, such as local homeless charities, the Black Lives Matter movement and Friends of the Earth. Their mission is to bring the values we espouse in our personal lives to the clothing we wear. https://tomorrowcreates.com/

Cristallo Di Luna is a uniquely distilled gin using crystal elixirs, infused with 16 ethically sourced ingredients. They are passionate about nature and contributing towards a green recovery, promising to donate 5% of company profits to Friends of Earth. Their future vision alongside their donations is to plant a tree for every bottle that they sell. https://www.crystal-gin.com/

Oakdale Bees is an apiary and wild meadow field close to the Royal Windsor forest. Founder, Elisabeth, has fulfilled a lifelong passion to care and work with bees. In the company’s early days, the house was filled with the sweet smell of warm beeswax, which she discovered make superb candles, food wraps, and even lotions, balms and soap. Their sustainable food wraps are attractive, eco-friendly and effective by locking in food freshness and are hugely versatile. 100% natural and fun, what is not to love? They sell beeswax wraps in various sizes, with bright and bold prints and help the bees further by supporting Friends of the Earth with each sale they make. https://www.oakdalebees.co.uk/

Jesseco Designs is all about raising awareness of endangered wildlife, with their unique designs and hand-drawn illustrations appearing on organic clothing, greetings cards and art prints. Their focus is on less well-known or less ‘cute’ animals that they feel deserve some attention too, such as the Flat-headed Cat or Volcano Rabbit that can be found in their A-Z of Endangered Mammals. With sustainability and a healthy future for nature at the heart of what we do, all of our products donate £1 to environmental charities like Friends of the Earth. https://jessecodesigns.teemill.com/

Colourful clothing brand Gung Ho launched its Climate Change collection this year and have joined up with Work For Good to help climate charities. As a brand that encourages you to wear your heart on your sleeve, it makes sense that what makes you feel and look good, also does good. No guilty purchases here! The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us glimpses of a world with less pollution; wildlife in our gardens, clean air and blue skies. It makes us realise that together our actions can actually make a difference. So if you treat yourself to something lovely Gung Ho will donate 20% of the sale to Friends of the Earth. https://www.gungholondon.com/

Join the reusable revolution

Join the reusable revolution

Whilst travelling the world, Moon Bottles founder Lynette saw first-hand the problems we are all experiencing with sustainability and waste. Single-use plastics are a big source of pain for the planet, so imagine how many of them end up thoughtlessly discarded, whether in landfills, sea water or burning fumes into the air. Offering 100% reusable alternatives, guaranteed to last forever, Moon Bottles are the perfect solution, and they kindly donate a percentage of their profits to Friends of the Earth via Work For Good! You can even get your own personalised Moon Bottle delivered in their brand new compostable mailer bags https://moonbottles.co.uk/

Plastic problem: why we need government action

Plastic problem: why we need government action

Plastic is almost inescapable. Asking people to avoid plastic just isn’t realistic unless we get tough on the companies producing it.

Plastic pollution is suffocating the planet. Nowhere is immune. It’s been found in the highest mountains and deepest oceans. We’ve even discovered tiny plastic waste in Britain's most iconic and remote rivers, lakes and reservoirs – including the seemingly crystal-clear waters of the Lake District.  Scientists have found plastic in air, drinking water, seafood and human stools . As well as the health concerns, wildlife can become entangled in it or end up ingesting it. Plastic hangs around in the environment for at least hundreds of years. It doesn’t disappear, it just breaks down into tiny pieces that continue to pollute our lives. And one study  has now revealed that plastics degrading in our oceans are releasing methane – a potent greenhouse gas. Avoiding it is more difficult than it sounds. It’s in so many of the everyday things we buy. In a lot of cases it’s hidden from plain sight, lurking in everything from teabags and beer caps, to clothes and cosmetics. We can all do our bit to reduce the plastic we use. But with the amount of plastic produced set to grow by 40%  over the next decade, our individual efforts will never be enough to solve the problem.  What is the solution to the plastic problem?

We need government action.

The government has made some encouraging pledges to act on things like cotton buds and straws. But to tackle all the many sources of plastic pollution, we need legislation that commits the government to phasing it out.  We're not suggesting an outright ban on plastics. Some plastics are essential or hard to replace – getting rid of them could lead to worse social and environmental outcomes. For example, banning plastics in clothes without a viable alternative could lead to an increase in cotton production – an industry known for using lots of water and pesticides. Part of the process will involve identifying those types of plastics and eradicating all the rest.  A new law to end plastic pollution

Together with our partners in the Women’s Institute, we’ve launched a piece of legislation called the Plastic Pollution Bill. The Bill calls for a phase out of plastic pollution. It commits this and future governments to stopping the flow of plastic into our waterways and oceans.  The Bill is already gathering pace, with MPs from across the main parties as well as many other charities and organisations supporting it, but there’s still a long way to go to make this new law a reality.  *Help us get a plastics law - find out more here: *https://friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics/plastic-problem