Frequently asked questions

I am working with a business who wants to register a Work for Good donation linked our project with them. Will it cost me anything?

No, the business you’re working with will be making the donation to charity. There is no cost to you; you just pay the agreed amount for the work, as you usually would.

I’m happy to support the business in giving money to charity, but I don’t want the details of our contract made public.

No problem at all. When the business registers the donation, they can suppress all of the information, so nobody sees your name, or the amount that’s going to charity. It’s also worth flagging that Work for Good won’t see the full contract amount; all the business registers on the site is the amount of money going to charity.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work delivered by the business?

We’re very sorry to hear that. However, your contract with the business is the same as it would be in any other circumstance; so you should discuss this with the business directly. Work for Good does not guarantee the services provided by businesses in any way.

Can I choose the charity?

Possibly. The platform allows for a business to give you the client the option to choose which charity the donation will go to. As the business is making the donation, it is their choice as to whether they do so.
If you have something you particularly care about, why not explain and suggest that the business makes the donation to your chosen charity (or splits the donation across your and their chosen charities)?

How do I check a business really is doing Work for Good?

You can search for companies by name via the search button at the bottom of our website. Any business that is registered with Work for Good (and who have chosen to have a public profile) can be found. Also, if the business gives us your email, we will send you a thank you confirmation once the donation has been received.
Businesses are also encouraged to display the Work for Good mark so look out for this on their website, email signature, business card, invoices or other digital or physical collateral.

What if I see somebody using the mark but they are not registered with Work for Good?

We’d be disappointed to hear that, it’s not in the spirit of what we’re trying to do, is it? However, please do tell us straight away by sending information to, and we’ll follow up.

I love this, how can I find out more and sign up to become a Work for Good business member myself?

That’s great! It is easy to sign up, please do so here.
We look forward to welcoming you as a member.