Frequently asked questions

How do we get our charity listed on Work for Good?

We’re happy to add any organisation provided it is registered with the UK charities commission. Please just drop us a line at In some instances, we will consider other organisations but this is at our discretion.

How much of the transaction value does the charity receive?

During the beta phase, the charity will get the full donation amount, minus any bank transaction charge (typically 1.4% + 20p). This is the cost set out by Stripe, our payment transaction partner.

How can we promote Work for Good to our regular fundraisers?

We think Work for Good is a great way for you to encourage existing donors to raise even more for your charity. Afterall, in addition to their friends and family network, supporters may also be able to support you by using their business network. If you’d like to hear more about how you can use Work for Good to engage your fundraisers, please contact us at

When and how will the money be paid?

Payments will be made to each charity within 1 month of receipt.

Can we see who our donors are?

When a charity joins our platform, as part of our Terms & Conditions they choose whether they are happy to receive donations from all participating businesses that have signed up with Work for Good OR if they're happy to receive donations from any participating businesses that has signed up with Work for Good, other than those that are connected with the arms trade, tobacco industry, animal testing, gambling or fossil fuels.

Individuals can also decide whether or not they are happy for their details to be shared with the charity they are raising money for, however charities will need to know the identity of the business itself in order to comply with internal and external regulation and policies.

If a business is linking donations to its work are they a 'commercial participator'?

Yes they are. This is all dealt with neatly in the T&Cs that they sign with us, and that the charities sign with us, that form the Commercial Participation agreement between the business and charity without any need for direct contact or negotiation.

As such we can facilitate business donations in larger numbers of smaller donations than would normally be practical for charities to manage themselves.

If the business is a commercial participator, will donations be subject to VAT?

We cannot give tax advice. We have however taken tax advice on this from Bates Wells Braithwaite the specialist charity law firm and the answer is that there is no VAT applicable within the Work for Good approach.

If you'd like to discuss further please get in touch.