Frequently asked questions

How does Work for Good help charities raise more income?

Small businesses want to support charities and raise money through cause-related marketing campaigns however come up against multiple barriers and aren’t always able to accept the support, mainly due to the resource, time and cost involved in setting up a CPA for each business.

Our fundraising platform digitally creates the commercial participation agreement (CPA) between your charity and the business and allows you to manage and track smaller cause-related marketing campaigns whilst complying with charity law.

How does the Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) work?

Once your charity has signed up to Work for Good, and accepted our terms and conditions, you agree to enter into a commercial participation agreement with any business who pledges or donates to you – the agreement is integrated into our T&C’s.

The business enters into their part of the commercial participation agreement when they set up a donation to you via the donations form and re-confirm they will comply with our T&C’s. Within the donations form they have to include how they’re raising funds for your charity (i.e £1 per t-shirt sold), the time period of the fundraising campaign and the intended donation amount.

Please see below for further information on undertaking due diligence of a business.

If a business is linking donations to sales, are they a 'commercial participator'?

Yes. Any business which donates to charity through their sales, and publicises this to their customers or clients are a commercial participator and therefore, are legally required to set up a commercial participation agreement (CPA) with each charity.

Work for Good has been able to streamline this process for businesses and charities without any need for direct contact or negotiation, by integrating this into the donation set up process and our T&Cs which businesses and charities agree to upon registering.

Who does due diligence on the businesses?

You’ll receive a notification via email and on your dashboard when a business sets up a donation to you. It is at this point that you can undertake any due diligence you wish and if following this you would prefer for the business not to support you, please just let us know and we’ll ask them to redirect their funds.

When and how will donations be paid to us?

We aggregate all donations made to you on a monthly basis and pay these to your charity via Bacs on the first business day of the following month. So no more invoicing!

Why have we not received our upcoming donation?

There are a few reasons why you may not yet have received your upcoming donation (a donation that was set up by a business):

  1. Donations are paid on an aggregated basis at the beginning of the month following the date of receipt by Work for Good so depending on timing, your donation may be coming to you next month.

  2. The donation may not yet have been paid by the business to Work for Good. Businesses are sent an email on the day the donation is due and we perform regular follow-ups to chase overdue donations and encourage businesses to pay them.

  3. In some instances, a business may want to give their customer the choice of which charity to support. In this case, if the business shortlists some charities for their customer to choose from (up to 10), each of the charities will see the potential donation on their dashboard. When the customer chooses the charity, your dashboard will be updated to reflect this.

  4. There are times when a business may need to delete an upcoming donation (for example: their campaign was unsuccessful and they didn’t sell any products). In this case, you will receive a notification via email and on your dashboard. We do emphasise to businesses that if they have promoted sales based on a promise to donate to a certain charity, then they must honour this commitment.

Can we download a report and share the breakdown of donations with our finance team?

Yes! You’ll be able to download a CSV with all your donations on. The fields include: Date paid by Business; Name of Business; Type of donation (one-off; via sales); Date paid; Donated Amount; WfG Fees; Card processing fee; VAT; NET donation; Gift Aid

Can we thank businesses for their donations?

Thanking a business for their generous support is a huge part of Work for Good and we know it’s equally as important for you.

You can create a thank you message which is automatically sent to a business when they make a donation to you and in this we’d encourage you to include information on the impact their donations have. We want to make donating a fun and rewarding experience, so as well as your message popping up, your supporters will also be applauded by Clips (the Work for Good mascot) and see lots of confetti!

To set up your thank you message, go to: Profile->About->Thank you message.

Can we contact businesses that are supporting us?

Unfortunately in line with GDPR, we are unable to share contact details of the businesses supporting you and charities do not have permission to contact that business for fundraising or marketing purposes.

In time, we will include an option for businesses to be able to opt in to join your mailing lists as we know how important it is for you to keep your supporters up to date, but we’re afraid this isn’t available yet.

So how can we keep our supporters up to date?

You can keep your supporters up to date with the impact their donations are having, your most recent campaigns, latest appeals and articles of interest via your Work for Good charity page.

We recommend you update this on a monthly basis or when you have some news to share and as a thank you for updating your profile and engaging your supporters, every time you update your page you’ll be moved up to the top of our charities page!

Can a business use our logo to publicise that they’re supporting us?

No. Businesses are not permitted to use your logo, but can talk about donating to you using your name only. The information given to businesses surrounding this question can be found here.

How much does it cost for us and our supporters to use?

It is free for charities and businesses to sign up and there are no annual membership costs.

We deduct 5%+VAT from each donation to help support the development of the platform and generate more income on your behalf.

There are no processing charges for donations paid by Bacs bank transfer. If a business pays a donation by credit/debit card, the donation will be subject to a charge by our payment processing provider, of 1.4% + 20p.

The fee (plus VAT) and any payment processing charges will be automatically deducted from the monthly payment Work for Good makes to your charity.

Are the donations made by businesses subject to VAT?

Whilst we cannot give tax advice, we are advised by Bates Wells, the specialist charity law firm that there is no VAT payable by charities on donations as your logo will not be used (a logo is a VATable supply)

Do we have to be a UK registered charity to sign up to Work for Good?

Yes, for now. In time, we intend to expand the range of recipient types to include other not-for-profit organisations (e.g. CIC’s)

How do we sign up to Work for Good?

You can start your registration here where you’ll be asked to fill in some information about your charity. Once you have done this and before you can be accepted onto the platform and receive donations, there will be a short delay while we do our due diligence (we hope to do this in no more than 48 hours!).

While you wait for your account to be verified, please start filling out your profile, including your thank you message and getting your page ready for your supporters.

If you have any trouble signing up, please contact us and we’ll help you.

How can we make the most of Work for Good?

With 5.7 million small businesses in the UK there’s a huge potential for you and your teams to raise money through this audience. The majority of small businesses are sole-traders (an individual who owns the business). We’d encourage you to think about how you support your individual donors and see Work for Good as a business giving version of an individual giving platform, with the extra value of the integrated CPA.

We are here to help you increase your funds whilst minimising the resource and cost usually required to set up a CPA and partnerships commitments with businesses.

When you join Work for Good, we’ll share resources with you to help you engage your supporters and make setting up their cause-related marketing campaigns as seamless as possible. You can see our top 5 tips on how to share Work for Good with small businesses here.