Frequently asked questions

How do we sign up as a charity member of Work for Good?

We’re delighted to add any UK registered charity. Signing up online is easy, please do so here. Once you have created your account, there will be a short delay while we perform our validation checks before you can be accepted onto the platform to receive donations.
You can watch our short video on how to create an account here.
While you wait for your account to be verified, why not start filling out your profile information? You can watch our short video on how to do so here.
Once your account has been verified, learn more about how to manage upcoming and previous donations via your dashboard here.

Do we have to be a UK registered charity to receive donations through Work for Good?

Yes, for now. In time we hope to expand to add other types of organisations delivering social good (such as community investment companies or CICs).

When and how will the money be paid to us?

Payments will be made on an aggregated basis to each charity at the beginning of the month following the date of receipt by Work for Good.

Can we see who our donors are? And can we refuse support from businesses that don’t fit within our policies? What controls are there?

Yes, you will always be able to see who is intending to support you, and you will never have to accept a donation from any donor with whom you’re not comfortable.
There are two sets of controls for this.

  1. Within your dashboard you can specify your policies - for example exemptions related to arms, tobacco, etc - and we will monitor these and alert you if we see any potential conflicts.

  2. You will have real time visibility of intended support via email notifications and via your dashboard and should also monitor this yourselves.

Will I always receive an intended donation?

If a business states your charity as the intended recipient and pays the outlined donation, then you will receive that donation (minus the fees outlined above).
However, in some instances, businesses may want to give their customers a choice of charities. In this instance, if they list say 10 charities to choose from, each of the 10 charities will see the potential donation on their dashboard. When the customer chooses the charity your dashboard/notification list will be updated to reflect that.

Can we contact businesses that are supporting us?

You will always have the name of those businesses raising funds for you, via the dashboard. This is to ensure you have sight of the business activity within the rules of the CPA. However, in line with forthcoming GDPR, these details cannot be used for fundraising or marketing purposes.

Can a business use our charity’s logo?

No. They can publicise their support for you by name, but they cannot use your logo on their website or elsewhere.

If a business is linking donations to its work are they a 'commercial participator'?

Yes they are. This is all dealt with neatly in the T&Cs that businesses and charities agree to upon registering, that together form the Commercial Participation agreement between the business and charity without any need for direct contact or negotiation.
If like many other charities you have donation thresholds for business support, why not ask smaller businesses to support you through Work for Good instead of turning them away? We make it easy for you and them.

If the business is a commercial participator, will donations be subject to VAT?

Whilst we cannot give tax advice, we are advised by Bates Wells Braithwaite the specialist charity law firm that there is no VAT payable by charities receiving donations within the Work for Good approach.

If you'd like to discuss further please get in touch.

Will Work for Good conflict with our other efforts around corporate giving?

Work for Good has been set up to generate an additive new income stream for you, at minimal effort. We do this by marketing to the millions of small and medium size businesses that most charities unable to reach by themselves, therefore we don’t believe it will interfere with any of your other processes.

How can we use and promote Work for Good to make it work best for us?

Work for Good is an exciting new conversation for you to take to existing and new potential supporters. You’ll be bringing them an innovative idea that is good for their business at the same time as supporting the wonderful work you do.

You can find a range of ideas to share with businesses here.

How much of the donation does the charity receive?

In order to help us run Work for Good and generate more income on your behalf, we deduct a 5% fee (plus VAT) from each donation.
There are no processing charges for donations made by BACS bank transfer. If businesses donate by card it will be subject to a charge by Stripe, our payment transaction partner, of 1.4% + 20p.
The fee (plus VAT) and any processing charge will be deducted from the monthly payment Work for Good makes to the charity see question above.