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Papillonkia Ltd

Preloved Luxury


Member since April 2020


Creating a safe place for people to sell their unwanted designer items in order for them to buy more..! That has been our business case and motto from day one and will continue to be so.

Over the last 5 years, Papillonkia has become the goto destination on the internet for Pre-Loved Authentic Luxury.

The whole business model of our brand was built around Circular Economy and Sustainability by providing end-users -our clients, the opportunity of owning and using a product that has been used by someone else previously and carrying on the cycle, and so on.

Now, we are aiming to be the pioneer in the circular economy to reduce the 4% of the world’s waste Fashion generates a year, which is 92m tonnes in total.

As well as treat yourself with luxury beauties on our website, you can Consign your unused items to us and help the sustainable fashion movement grow and, consequently, the world to become a better place.