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Bottled Cocktail Company


Member since January 2021


We are a small new business who produces bottled cocktails in North London. We have always been committed to do our bit for the planet, our community and our neighbours. And now that we established our first business, we believe we should take our commitment a step further.

Being as close to zero-waste as virtually possible didn’t simply feel enough to us; we believe there is so much more we could and should do for our community, whether local or global.

There are certain topics that really matter to us. Perhaps because as young guys growing up in the 90s, we have literally seen the world changing, or because we know what it means to live a difficult life, or in a society without equality.

We decided that never mind how small our new business will start, grow and develop, we must be committed towards the causes that matter to us, beginning not after the first year, not after the first profit, or after we have already taken back from our community; the best moment to start is now. If we don’t start today, we won’t have a better future tomorrow. We are small, but we firmly believe that small choices lead to big changes.