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The easy way to engage and inspire your team

Work for Good is a charity fundraising platform for businesses. By building giving into the work your business already does, you can also engage employees, impress customers, and strengthen your brand all at the same time.

Is donating to charity good for your business?

One of the businesses utilising Work for Good is Shape History. We spoke to the Shape History team about their experience and the impact that embedding charitable activity into their businesses practices had on their internal team.

The easy way to engage and inspire your team

1. What appealed to you about Work for Good?

“As a Social Change Company, we love the way that Work for Good actually changes how companies think about work and how it encourages a socially conscious method of working within an organisational structure. It can sometimes be hard to know how to donate to charity, but Work for Good makes it easy, fitting into the methods already in place; it brings charitable aims and mindsets right into the heart of a company.”

2. Do you think Work for Good helps you to stand out to clients?

“We work with good causes across a variety of sectors and organisational structures, so Work for Good really aligns with the shared values of both ourselves and our clients. By working with Work for Good, it is a strong marker of our ethical commitment to doing good things and we can show that off to clients.”

3. What do the Shape History team think of your participation in Work for Good?

“Our team is made up of really inspired, committed and charitable people, so Work for Good really reflects our team culture. They all find it really rewarding to be able to do what they love and contribute to charities they admire at the same time.”

4. How will you embed Work for Good into your business practices going forward?

“What we’ve done this time — donating a portion of our project with a new client — is a really good method of integrating charitable work into the everyday goings-on of our organisation, so it is definitely something we’d do again in the future! It makes everyone involved in the process feel good about doing something to help a charity!”

The charity Shape History chose to support first is Afrikids who were delighted! Many charities are turning away donations from smaller businesses as the effort does not justify the contribution. Work for Good therefore helps charities by widening their donor pool and allowing them to raise more vital funds in a relatively passive way.

“The donation from Shape History was a wonderful and very generous surprise that will allow us to support five families in Ghana with microfinance loans and support. Work for Good is the hassle-free way for businesses of all sizes to support great causes just by doing what they do best. We’re recommending Work for Good to all of our corporate partners as an easy way to support our work.”

The easy way to engage and inspire your team