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Is your Small Business deafblind aware?

Is your Small Business deafblind aware?

Coronavirus is making life difficult for many people, but sight and hearing loss can make it even tougher.

Did you know that there are over 400,000 people in the UK today who are deafblind?

It’s a lot of people, and this figure grows significantly when you understand that there are also 2million blind people in the UK and 12million people who are deaf.

At Deafblind UK we are trying to make the world more friendly to all those with a sensory loss, so that they feel part of communities, and feel welcomed.

We have been doing this for 92 years, supporting those to live a life beyond sight and hearing loss, enabling them their independence and giving them the confidence to carry on living.

As Helen Keller, who was deafblind, said “Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much”, and for many people with dual sensory loss the world is a terrifying place — a prisoner in a room without walls and the darkness is infinite.

But we can help bring a little light into all of the lives affected by sensory loss, by learning about their challenges, and helping them, in our own small way, to overcome them.

Is your Small Business deafblind aware?

How can your small business help

It could be making the lighting that little bit brighter in your establishments, or having a quiet area, where someone with hearing loss is able to communicate with confidence. Just understanding that some may rely on lip reading, so to talk to them directly without covering your mouth, or looking away.

It could be just understanding that they may need to use your bathroom, because for them, finding somewhere they can use, is far more difficult than for those that can see and hear.

The changes we make don’t have to be costly, just considered, and we would love to work with small businesses across the UK to help them establish a more deafblind friendly way of working.

Deafblindness can affect anyone, it does not discriminate. You probably know someone who is struggling with their own sight and hearing loss, maybe it’s your mum, your uncle, your neighbour, your customer, your employee? Deafblind UK can help at every stage of the sensory loss journey, helping them to prepare for what may come. If you take the time to think about what you would struggle with if you could not see or hear, you would realise that without support, there is very little you are able to do on your own.

But with the right support, the possibilities are only restricted by your imagination. We want to make sure that we can support everyone who needs us to face the daily challenges of living with deafblindness. But we really can’t do it alone.

We receive generous support each year through working with businesses across the UK. We find that, for large organisations, there are often well established systems for identifying and supporting charities. However, it is not always clear to small businesses how they can get involved.

This is why we have teamed up with Work for Good, to offer small businesses an easy way to donate without having to worry about all the legal admin that goes along with it.

Can your small business help? We appreciate that at this time things are difficult for everyone, but if you can please do donate, we would like for all those with a sensory loss to feel a part of the new world that we all return to. We can work together to create this. Would you set up a pledge today and donate to Deafblind UK?