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How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals

As we’re now in December, some of you might be turning your thoughts to New Year’s resolutions and the idea of taking up a hobby.

Tash from Hatchling Makes was sitting on the sofa in early 2017 when she decided that she wanted a new creative outlet. As a lifelong animal lover she had always found animals easier to draw than people and started creating awesome geometric animal designs and painting her favourite animals. This evolved to illustrating endangered animals and since her art is dedicated to all kinds of wildlife, she decided to make it her mission to give back to the environment.

How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals

Hatchling Makes sell a variety of beautiful, animal illustrated products: from sloth greeting cards to t-rex pouches. However, when you buy from Tash, you’re not just getting a unique gift, you’re also helping to support endangered animals at the same time, as she donates 10% of all her profits to wildlife conservation charities.

“ I’ve always believed in giving to causes you’re passionate about and whilst spreading awareness of endangered animals is great, it doesn’t do much to help those charities on the front line actually helping those animals to survive. So it was always part of my business plan to donate to charity and help however I can.”

Hatchling Makes has supported a variety of charities such as WWF-UK, Born Free and Galapagos Conservation Trust as she feels the work they’re doing is “utterly fantastic and many of them are also focused on conserving the habitats which have wider benefits for humanity as well.” So far, she’s raised over £500!

How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals
How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals

Tash decided to give to these charities through Work for Good, after realising how easy it would be to donate through them.

Although her motivation to donate was to support smaller wildlife charities, to help them get their message out and to get them the financial help that their projects need, a welcome benefit has been the enthusiasm she experiences from her customers who love knowing who Tash is donating to and the projects their money is going towards. Not only this, but she’s also seen a huge uplift in sales:

“I’ve doubled my monthly sales and been able to connect with like minded customers who really care about my business and making a difference to the world.”

How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals

So when you are thinking about that new hobby and if that hobby may turn into a business (or if you already have a business), take a leaf out of Tash’s notebook and consider giving a portion of your sales to charity from the start.

I feel like it’s so important to be part of something bigger than yourself and honestly it’s so much more fulfilling than not donating to charity!

How relaxing on the sofa has helped endangered animals

If you’re interested in donating to charity through your business, Work for Good can help you make it happen, in just a few clicks, for free. Visit the Work for Good website to find out more.

Find out more about Hatchling Makes and place some pre Christmas orders on their website.

About Work for Good

Work for Good helps small businesses donate to charity through their sales.

With built in legal permissions; the platform solves the barriers that surround business giving and enables businesses to start donating within minutes. It’s the easy way for businesses to give back to causes they care about.