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Christmas Marketing: Why Small Businesses Should Plan A Fundraising Campaign for Christmas.

Start planning a charitable fundraising campaign now, and your small business can make an impact at Christmas.

Christmas Marketing Goals

July is our favourite month, summer holidays, ice cream and the perfect time for small businesses to start planning their Christmas campaign!

It may be five months away but with sales figures peaking during this period and 54% of consumers doing their Christmas shopping before December* - it is never too early to plan a festive marketing strategy that will ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Whether you are a butcher, a baker, or candlestick maker, with the right Christmas marketing campaign, businesses of all types and sizes can make an impression at Christmas. Even if your business is a service provider - an accountant, a dog walker, or IT expert - there are ways to capitalise successfully on the season of goodwill.

How to stand out in a meaningful and simple way.

As a small business owner you are probably juggling a million day to day tasks.

One relatively simple but impactful way to connect and engage customers is to donate a proportion of sales to charity by launching a fundraising campaign for a cause you really care about.

In the world of big business this is called a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign or cause marketing, but for small businesses it is often much more personal and heartfelt - a way to really show your customers the human side to your brand.

Six Reasons Why Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Launch or Increase Charitable Donations.

  • Christmas is the season of goodwill, and small business owners can embrace this in a genuine way by raising money for a charity that they personally connect with.

  • You can use the campaign to really connect with your audience, and attract new customers.
94% of Consumers Would Switch Brands to Support a Cause' **

  • People are looking for more enlightened ways to spend their cash and want their money to go a little further than simply adding wealth to a company’s corporate coffers — they want that money to have impact.
  • Consumers spend more at Christmas than any time of the year. But competition is stiff, so it’s a great way to stand out and be noticed (it may even help you get in front of the media).
  • Charitable giving puts your company in a positive light and shows that you are not solely focused on making money.
  • The most rewarding reason why your business should give to charity is for the feeling you and your customers get from helping others.

Setting up a fundraising campaign through your small business is not difficult and can be done within minutes via our Work for Good fundraising platform.

Christmas Marketing Plan

Five Easy Steps To Get Your Fundraising Campaign Started:

  • Pick a charity that aligns with your personal values or your team's values. If you don’t have one in mind, you can search by sector via the Work for Good ‘Find A Charity’ section.
  • Think about whether you will raise money via sales of a product, service or event.
  • Decide the percentage you will donate.
  • Sign-up to www.workforgood.co.uk for free, and pledge your donation. It takes about 20 minutes (we deal with the legal side of things, which streamlines the process so it's quick and easy for small businesses to fundraise - find out more).
  • As soon as you have made the pledge online you can start having some fun and begin planning the campaign and how you will create a buzz with your customers, friends, and work colleagues!

With 55% of consumers willing to pay extra for products or services from companies that have dedicated social impact plans,*** Christmas is a wonderful time to start using your business for good.

So pop your Christmas thinking hat on and start planning your Christmas fundraising campaign today.


Small businesses who donate to charity via Work for Good can access our FREE Business Resources, including tips and tricks on how to publicise your giving through social media plus how to use your website to raise awareness.

* Source Statistica, 2020 survey

**Cone LLC

*** Source: Nielson