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Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

“There’s only one thing that’s certain in these uncertain times. It’s a time to pull together and help each other. Any gift, big or small, will make a difference at this time of crisis.”


Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

From supporting the vulnerable and elderly, to food banks and homeless shelters, the need for charities is greater than ever and so is your support. The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for everyone, but it has especially impacted the lives of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Charities are looking at their biggest challenge yet. As demand for their services increase, they are facing a devastating loss of funds and man power at a time when they are needed most.

This is also an extremely testing time for many businesses, but if you can, please do continue to donate to help these vital charities that are a lifeline for so many people.

Food bank charities

“During this crisis we urge you all to continue supporting us in any way you can, whether that’s by sharing our message, donating or volunteering to help in our warehouses.”

FareShare team

Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

There are more than 14 million people living on the breadline in the UK, so charities like food banks are essential to helping those in need.

Fareshare, redistribute surplus food to frontline charities and community groups. They and many other organisations are working around the clock to deliver food to the elderly, those with serious health conditions, and children who would usually access free school meals, and are now at greater risk of hunger and malnutrition as a result of school closures.

Help charities like Fareshare feed the nation by delivering more food to those most at risk.

Find more food bank charities your business could donate to here.

Homeless charities

“People who are homeless are hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. But together we can get vital care to vulnerable people.”


Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

People who are sleeping rough are often in poor health and more likely to suffer from respiratory conditions. With no washing facilities and nowhere to self isolate, it’s difficult to protect yourself from coronavirus when you don’t have a place to call home. Which is why homeless charities are such a vital lifeline for people right now.

Charities like Crisis are delivering ‘essentials’ packages, providing people with mobile phones, so they can keep in contact and follow health advice. They are also funding local charities and shelters, so they can reach more people who need it the most.

Find more homeless charities your business could donate to here

Aged charities

“We’re determined to be there for older people who need our help and especially those who have no one else to turn to, but we desperately need your support.”

Age UK

Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

With people over 70 being told to take stricter measures on social distancing, the need for aged charities is growing. Age UK have said that calls to their advice line have increased by 55% and they expect this number to significantly rise.

Older people are relying on these services to provide practical support like food supplies as well as advice and support at a time which could be very isolating and lonely.

Find more aged charities your business could donate to here.

Health care charities

“The country, indeed the world is grinding to a halt. Throughout it all though, people will still be dying from life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, COPD and more. Supporting the palliative and end of life needs of patients has never been more vital.”

Dorothy House Hospice Care

Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

Health care charities are looking after some of the most vulnerable people. The threat of coronavirus has left people feeling frightened and anxious especially those who are facing their final months, weeks or days.

No-one should spend their final days in pain, alone or in fear, and the current crisis has exacerbated their need for support. Charities like Dorothy House and Marie Curie are desperately needed, but with fundraising activities being cancelled and the closure of high street charity shops, they are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Find more health care charities your business could donate to here

Mental health charities

Charities your business can support during the coronavirus

Coronavirus is changing the way we live our lives. It has left many people feeling scared and anxious and will undoubtedly affect many people’s mental health over the coming months. Charities will be required more than ever to support the rise in demand for their services.

Find more mental health charities your business could donate to here.