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Work for Good logos

Use the Work for Good logo to direct your supporters to your charity profile page.

Download the logo

These are png files for digital use. Please do not adapt or edit these files. To save a logo, right-click on the version you would like to use and choose 'Save image as' (or similar). The same logos are available in eps format for print use. If you require these, please email:

  • wfg-logo-blue-large.png
  • wfg-logo-horizontal-blue-large.png
  • wfg-logo-white-large.png
  • wfg-logo-horizontal-white-large.png

Download Clips

Right click on the Clips image you would like to save and choose 'Save image as' (or similar)

  • wfg-clips-presents
  • wfg-clips-waving.png
  • wfg-clips-lying.png
  • wfg-clips-hanging.png
  • wfg-clips-laptop.png
  • wfg-clips-lifting-banner.png
  • wfg-clips-shaking-hands.png
  • wfg-clips-thinking.png
  • wfg-clips-running.png
  • wfg-clips-sitting-lifting.png