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Business marketing opt ins

We know how important it is for you to be able to communicate with your supporters, so we give businesses the choice to hear from you directly.

How does it work?

On the donations form, we'll ask the business if they'd like to hear from you. You can view their response on the 'Supporting Businesses' page on your charity dashboard.

  • If the business has consented, you'll see the response 'Yes' under the ‘Marketing opt in’ column. You can download the names and email addresses of consenting businesses, via the 'Download marketing data' button.
  • Within the data, you’ll see a date and time, which reflects when the business consented to be contacted by you directly for marketing purposes.
  • We can only collect and evidence their consent at this point. Going forward, businesses will need to update their marketing preferences directly with you.
  • Your account data will therefore not reflect any changes in preferences that are subsequently made between your charity and the business.
  • For example, if a business opts in to receiving marketing communications from you but subsequently opts out by contacting you directly, Work for Good won’t have a record of this and the business contact information will still appear.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you use and update this data compliantly.
  • If a business has not consented and the response is ‘No’ under the ‘Marketing opt in’ column, you should not contact them for marketing purposes.

For further information, please reference section 11 of the charity T&C's.

How to maximise your marketing opt ins?

Appreciate & motivate: Thanking your supporters goes beyond just expressing your gratitude and is vital in building meaningful and longstanding relationships. Plus, when a supporter feels appreciated, they're far more likely to feel motivated to do more for your wonderful cause.

  • Send them an e-card or perhaps a short video, to provide a personal thank you for their contribution.
  • Spotlight their support on your website or social media; giving them some well deserved acknowledgement and encouraging other small businesses to follow in their footsteps too (win-win)!

Demonstrate their impact: Telling your small business supporters about the impact of their fundraising is so important. Not only does it provide a tangible example of how their contribution has helped the cause they've personally chosen, but it's also a vital opportunity to inspire them to consider donating again in the future.

  • Try to relate the amount they've raised to an item of service that their support could have helped fund, so they can really envisage the effects of their support.
  • Show images which showcase the incredible work you've recently achieved, so your supporters can feel part of something special.
  • Share a case study or impactful quote, from one of your beneficiaries, to provide a first-hand insight into the value of their support.

Encourage sustainable giving: Your small business supporters have expressed that they want to hear from you, so make it count! Sales-based donations are a vital source of sustainable income; so use this opportunity to get to know your supporters and understand their motivations for giving.

  • Encourage them to make a regular sales fundraising commitment.
  • Share engaging insights to help them understand the value and necessity of sustainable fundraising for your charity.