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Womankind is a women’s mental health charity serving Bristol and the surrounding area. Our mission is to help women to improve their mental health and well-being, to enable them to experience a better quality of life. We aim to reach the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of women, particularly those with little or no access to community mental health services.


Registered charity no. 297258

Member since December 2019

About us

Womankind is a mental health charity run by women for women. Our current services include: counselling, group therapy, specialist sexual violence and abuse services, trauma counselling for refugees and trafficked women (with interpreters), befriending, a specialist Deaf women’s counselling service, and a telephone and webchat helpline. Our befriending service and our helpline are externally accredited and are provided by a current total of 56 trained and supervised volunteers. Our helpline (which is the first point of contact for women seeking our services) handles around 5,000 calls and 700 emails a year; a third of the callers to it have suffered sexual abuse/ sexual assault or rape, or domestic abuse.