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Village Water

Village Water is a small international water charity working in rural areas of Zambia and Mozambique, to support families and communities, in villages, schools and health centres with safe water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education. Find out more villagewater.org

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01743 241563

Registered charity no. 1117377

Member since February 2018

About us

The marjority of rural Zambians and Mozambicans are are forced to collect water from distant, unprotected and dirty sources. Not only does contaminated water cause frequent and sometimes fatal illness - 20 children in Mozambique and 10 children in Zambia die every day due to diarrhoea - it also effects education, income, community development and escalates poverty, from which families are unable to remove themselves.

Safe water and adequate sanitation are basic human rights, yet many millions of people worldwide still have no safe water or a decent toilet. Step by step, one community at a time, we are changing things for the better.

We work in villages, schools and health centres: getting everyone involved to change attitudes towards hand washing, understanding how germs and disease are interlinked, and highlighting the importance of stamping out open defecation. We know that safe water alone does not reduce common diseases, that’s why our integrated projects produce long-lasting results.

Our model, the Village Water Way, emphasises community ownership and building local capacity to foster independence and self-sufficiency. Building capacity gives communities the confidence to address and take ownership not only of their water, hygiene and sanitation, but also of other areas of their lives. Communities we have supported have invested in their children’s education, market gardens, livestock and solar panels for income generation once their health has improved. Through sustainable, local solutions we are giving communities the tools, resources, knowledge and skills to move themselves out of poverty.

Village is small but mighty: we are a tiny staff of 4.5 people, and every year on a restrictive budget we reach thousands of people, transforming their lives with water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Find out more villagewater.org