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Together for Animals

No animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect. With your help, we can end the suffering of pets and working animals. Together for Animals raises much needed funds for its member charities. Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing - by working together we are ensuring that they can enjoy happier, healthier lives. Every donation helps 4 charities save cats, dogs, horses and donkeys.

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Latest News

Frodo’s incredible journey

Frodo’s incredible journey

Frodo was found close to death in 2014 – he was just a few months old, emaciated, and infested with lice. He was so weak that he had collapsed and was unable to stand unaided.

Thankfully, Frodo was found just in time and was able to be nursed back to health by our member World Horse Welfare. As he grew stronger, Frodo’s wonderful temperament became apparent and once he was ready for his next chapter he was rehomed as a youngster. Frodo flourished in his new home but returned to Penny Farm in 2018 due to a sad change in his rehomer’s circumstances.

Having just turned four years old when he came back to the farm, Frodo was assessed by the team and successfully brought into work. His fabulous temperament came to the fore when, a mere eight weeks after he had been backed to ride, Frodo was crowned Champion Rescue Pony at Equifest 2018. His show ring success continued after that and he placed highly in some very large classes.

Frodo’s showing journey even included taking part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2019. After his outing to Windsor, Frodo was ready to find a new home as a pleasure competition pony – and unsurprisingly he was very popular!

Sam and Cara rehomed Frodo and we’re delighted that Frodo is now a much-loved member of the family, as fabulous as ever, and continues to stand out in the show ring. Cara and Frodo have built an incredible bond.

Sam says: “We rehomed Frodo in October 2019 and now we really can’t imagine life without him! It’s lovely to watch Cara and Frodo progressing together. They have such a lovely bond. He really has become very much part of the family and we’re delighted with how he’s turned his hoof to all sorts, from Pony Club activities to further wins in the show ring. We’re very proud of him being successful in several classes at Traditional of the Year Show (TOYS) in July and thrilled he was crowned Traditional Rescue Pony of the Year.”

Cara added: “I never thought I would have got the opportunity to rehome Frodo after seeing him and falling in love with him at the Nedz event we had gone to watch. I can’t believe how lucky I am and can’t imagine life without him now. He’s such an honest pony, never lets me down and tries his best at everything we do.”

It’s safe to say that Frodo truly has been transformed from the very poorly foal found close to death in 2014 – he’s now a happy, healthy, much-loved pony with plenty of success under his belt already and continuing with his winning ways, taking prizes at shows and even going on holiday with his rehomers to the Lake District where he didn’t put a hoof wrong!

Thank you for helping animals like Frodo.

Deaf cat gets fresh start

Deaf cat gets fresh start

Deaf tabby Dash is starting the new year looking forward to having a loving home to call his own, after spending more than six months with Together for Animals member Blue Cross.

Like many animals needing our members help, Dash came from a home that could no longer keep him amid the rising cost of living.

Arriving in their care with an open leg wound needing vet care, along with routine vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, Dash has come a long way. The striking two-year-old blossomed with the dedicated team at the Southampton rehoming centre.

Being deaf meant that Dash startled quite easily, but lots of careful handling, playing with his favourite rod toys and tasty treats of fresh chicken meant Dash could relax. After over 200 days of care and support the inquisitive and playful tabby was ready to make the leap into a new home.

Jo, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Southampton said: “It has taken a long time to gain his trust, however, now Dash lets me stroke him and give him gentle chin scratches. On occasion he will rub into my hand – it has taken several months to get to this stage, but he seems to enjoy this. Dash is incredibly playful, and this is the way to his heart. He is a real character and there is never a dull moment with him”.

Our members couldn’t help animals like Dash without your kindness and support. Thank you.

Donkey trapped in earthquake saved

Donkey trapped in earthquake saved

A powerful earthquake hit central Morocco on Friday 8 September, just after 11pm local time. Thousands have been killed and survivors are without clean water, food and shelter. Within minutes, communities and their working animals’ lives have been turned upside down.

As part of their emergency work in Morocco, Together for Animals member SPANA came to the aid of a donkey who was left trapped and fighting for its life after the recent earthquake in Morocco.

Imi N’Isli is one of the many villages that have been devastated by the Morocco earthquake in the Atlas Mountains. While visiting the area to administer emergency treatment and support to animals in need, the SPANA team learned of a donkey who was trapped in dangerous ruins.

The donkey had been without water since the earthquake – over six days earlier. The building was pure rubble, with just a small area providing potential access – it was a perilous situation for the donkey, with collapse of the remaining building looking very likely.

Fortunately, the UK International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team was in the village providing support. Upon completing essential paramedic help, they came to the donkey’s rescue. Following a very careful assessment, and extensive discussions with the SPANA vet team, a rescue plan was devised.

Two hours later, the UK ISAR team, SPANA vets and a very lucky donkey walked out on the ruins to a rapturous round of applause and the donkey was reunited with his relieved owner. SPANA cannot thank the UK ISAR team enough for their support.

The donkey received treatment from the SPANA team and a very large bucket of water – he will hopefully be around for many years now.

SPANA is currently working in the area affected by the Moroccan earthquake, in an effort involving three of their local teams. Their activities are focused on providing lifesaving veterinary treatment, care and food to injured and abandoned working animals, and helping working donkeys and mules who are currently supporting the rescue effort.

Your support will help SPANA – and all our member charities – continue their lifesaving work for animals who urgently need their help.