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Together for Animals

No animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect. With your help, we can end the suffering of pets and working animals. Together for Animals raises much needed funds for its member charities. Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing - by working together we are ensuring that they can enjoy happier, healthier lives. Every donation helps 4 charities save cats, dogs, horses and donkeys.

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Member since December 2020

Latest News

Heavily pregnant cats rescued

Heavily pregnant cats rescued

This winter, a resident who lives close to Together for Animals member Mayhew, was putting out her rubbish when she discovered two heavily pregnant cats in a cardboard box beside the bins.

It was freezing cold, but thankfully the resident took in both cats and gave them a warm home to have their babies.

On Christmas Eve, one of the cats gave birth to three kittens, and this was quickly followed by more new arrivals, when the second cat gave birth to four kittens on Christmas Day.

The resident then called Mayhew, who quickly sent their Animal Welfare Officers to collect all nine cats!

They all needed names quickly, and it was decided to name them after well-known pizzas. The mums were Romana and Florentine and their kittens, Oregano, Meatball, Pepperoni, Calzone, Napoletana, Pineapple, and Margarita!

The team tried to make them as comfortable as possible, settling them in cosy cabins and giving them lots of love and care, but the new mums were stressed in the cattery and were understandably defensive of their young family.

Mayhew’s Cat Welfare Coordinator soon realised they’d be happier and more settled living with one of the charity’s wonderful foster carers.

Foster carer Nicola from North Kensington, who has been volunteering with the charity since August 2021, was initially a little overwhelmed by the idea of two mums and so many kittens: “I was a little nervous about taking so many cats in one go… the most I’ve ever taken is five. But I need not have worried: any concerns I had about taking them in melted away as soon as they arrived, and within an hour of being here, Florentine and Romana were out of hiding and settling down and the kittens were immediately full of curiosity and exploring everywhere.”

This feline gang soon had their paws under the table, as Nicola explains: “The play den is in my kitchen and they have so many toys, courtesy of some very kind people locally. Seeing the two mums work together is an absolute joy, they co-parent and are so close – they even sleep together. In fact, after they have put the kittens to bed at night, they both come out and watch TV with me!”

We’re delighted that all the kittens have now found new homes, and we hope mums Florentine and Romana will soon find a new home together.

Your donations help rescue and rehome animals like these. Thank you for your continued support.

Emergency help for newborn foal

Emergency help for newborn foal

Sara the mule was just two days old when she was rushed to Together for Animals member SPANA’s centre in Chemaia, Morocco.

Her birth had been trouble-free and her owner, Hassan, had been delighted to see her healthy and well. But little Sara’s health quickly deteriorated. Soon, she was in intense pain and was too weak to stand.

Hassan feared that, without urgent treatment, Sara would not survive. He therefore borrowed a van to drive more than 30 miles to the SPANA centre in Chemaia, so that Sara could receive the emergency veterinary care she so desperately needed.

When she arrived at the centre, Sara was raced through to be seen by the vets. They examined her thoroughly and diagnosed the little foal as suffering from colic, caused by meconium retention. Meconium is a newborn’s first dung and is usually passed naturally within the first few hours of their life. If this doesn’t happen, it usually becomes impacted, which can lead to complications, such as colic.

The vets administered laxatives and anti-inflammatories, which thankfully solved the problem. The vets then bottle-fed Sara a special mixture of semi-skimmed milk and honey until her mother was able to join her at the centre. Sara continued to receive essential care and was able to return home, fully recovered, a week later.

Hassan was incredibly grateful for Sara’s recovery and the work of the our member SPANA’s vets. He said: ‘Without SPANA, Sara would have died. Thank you.’

Colic can be a serious and life-threatening condition for working animals. SPANA’s vets treat thousands of working animals suffering from colic every year. Although some cases, like Sara’s, are due to natural causes, many others occur because a working animal has eaten inappropriate food – or even waste, such as plastic.

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we can help provide working animals with the vital treatment they need. We appreciate your help and support.

Penny found tied up in the woods

Penny found tied up in the woods

Three-year-old Penny, like many of the animals our members care for, had been through a lot before she was found.

Towards the end of last year, a member of the public found Penny abandoned in the woods. She had been tied to a tree and her front and hind legs had been tightly bound with blue tape, leaving her totally unable to move. Thankfully, the person who found her quickly took her to Together for Animals member Mayhew, where their Animal Welfare Officers were able to assess her and settle her down in a comfortable kennel to recuperate from her ordeal.

When vets examined Penny they discovered that she was unable to see out of her left eye, which was very swollen and obviously bothering her. Following detailed investigations and discussions, the team decided to remove the blind eye in order to make her more comfortable, and thankfully she recovered and adapted quickly after the operation.

Despite all the trauma Penny has been through, with the love and care of Mayhew’s team, Penny gradually gained back her confidence and became the dog she was always meant to be. Now healthy and full of energy, she is incredibly affectionate and always enjoys a cuddle. Penny loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa and resting her head on the nearest lap.

Lisa, Head of Kennels, Dog Adoption and Fostering said “Penny loves being with people, which is surprising given the circumstances in which she was found. She was very nervous when she first arrived, but her confidence grew while with us and she’s shown herself to be a very affectionate and playful dog.

We suspect Penny wasn’t used to living in a home environment and she hadn’t had any training, but she responded well to training by our Kennels team. We’re extremely happy that she will benefit from being in a home with new owners who can spend time with her and care for her in a way that she truly deserves.”

Once Mayhew’s animal experts saw that Penny was ready to find her forever home, she was put up for adoption. Although she had to wait several months for her new owner to come along, we are pleased to say that Penny is now reserved and will soon be on her way home to her new loving family.

You can help animals like Penny by taking on our Steps for Pets Challenge this Spring! Or simply by making a donation.