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The Nestling Trust

The Nestling Trust UK Charity brings much needed basic health care and health education to remote village areas of Nepal, where no such medical facilities existed before. It works especially in areas devastated by the 2015 earthquake, alongside local community groups, and in partnership with our trusted 'in country' non government partners organisations.


Registered charity no. 1154431

Member since March 2018

Latest News

Film screening raises £445 towards our new skills project for abandoned and abused women

Film screening raises £445 towards our new skills project for abandoned and abused women

Coinciding with International Women's Day, on 7-8th March 2021,  supporters joined us for a private online screening of this inspiring film. A documentary, set in Nepal, it follows an uneducated young Dalit woman’s transformational journey from subjugated wife to filmmaker. 

When cast out by the husband’s family and no longer able to return to their birth family, women are alone with no means to provide shelter, food, or clothes for their children. The streets are their only option with all the risks of further abuse, trafficking, hunger, and drug abuse. It is common for children to search rubbish dumps for plastic in exchange for a few rupees for rice, instead of attending school.  

Proceeds from the private viewings of the film will help establish a Nestling Trust programme to improve the welfare of destitute mothers and their children by offering the women life skills, and needlecraft training. 

'In other news '....... ! Groundwork has already started on the new greenhouses for our Sarangkot Children's Home.

Following covid related delays, plans are now moving forward for our new Health and Birthing Centre which will be established in the village of Marbu. It will bring health provision and safe birthing facilities to 11,000 villagers living in a remote location.

'Big Give' Children's Home Community Horticulture Project - help 'us raise our target of £10,000 over Christmas 2020!

'Big Give' Children's Home Community Horticulture Project - help 'us raise our target of £10,000 over Christmas 2020!

At the Nestling Sarangkot Children's home, land for growing produce is exposed to adverse weather and as a result crops often fail. Water supplies are scarce and unreliable. Fruit and vegetables have to be bought at considerable cost and at some distance. The economics of the home are fragile and any reduction in costs will improve its sustainability.

Local migrant workers, returning as a consequence of the Covid 19 crisis, have no work, and they, their families, and other villagers are facing hunger and general hardship.

Developing protected pit greenhouses  will  provide a local supply of fresh produce for the home and local villagers. Our project will also provide employment and training to those migrant workers.

QUADRUPLE YOUR DONATION!! Donations made to us, via Work for Good between 1st and 8th December 2020, will be doubled by them and forwarded to our Big Give Christmas Campaign where they will receive match funding (from our key supporters) and be doubled again!

Food for Covid Hospital Patients, Doctors and Nurses

Food for Covid Hospital Patients, Doctors and Nurses

Funds raised through our 'High Hopes Everest Challenge' are now being used to support a fantastic project providing meals to hard pressed doctors and nurses,  patients and their relatives in a Kathmandu hospital.

Bijendra Aryal, Nestling Trust director in Nepal visited Bikram Bhadel, a pharmacist whose workplace is opposite the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu.

From his pharmacy  Bikram witnessed what happened when coronavirus lockdowns closed the hospitals's cafeteria and nearby cafes. "Every day I watched the patients, their families, doctors and other health workers struggling to get a good meal," Bhadel said. "They were already having a tough time and the food situation was making it worse. This is where I decided that I need to step in and help out"

In Nepal food is not provided for patients by the hospitals, relatives have to ensure their loved ones are fed, as well as having to pay for treatment costs.

Bikram used his own savings, rented a vacant restaurant, sourced the voluntary help of 'covid underemployed' locals and hired 11 cooks and helpers. A well organised operation rapidly resulted in nutritious healthy meals being made available to the hospital.

The Nestling Trust is now contributing food for the preparation of these meals in support of an amazing project. Over 300 daily lunches, snacks and dinners are being regularly supplied to the hospital (more details can be found on the news page of our website).