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The Felix Project

Millions of people in the UK struggle to feed themselves and are malnourished. This isn't a food shortage problem. There is enough food for everyone in our system - it just doesn't reach all the people who need it. The Felix Project provides the link between food suppliers with surplus food and charities feeding vulnerable people.

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Registered charity no. 1168183

Member since September 2020

About us

What does The Felix Project do?

1.5 million adults and 400,000 children face hunger in London – almost 2 million people London may need as many as 127 million meals a year following COVID, to feed all those going hungry. Meanwhile, 10 million tonnes of edible food is wasted in the UK every year. There is enough food for everyone in our system - it just doesn't reach all the people who need it.

Established in 2016 by Justin Byam Shaw, The Felix Project is London’s largest food redistribution charity. Our practical solution of alleviating food poverty by preventing food waste inspires donors, partners, suppliers and volunteers.  

We rescue food that cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. This food is in-date, nutritious, and includes a high proportion of fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, salads, meat and fish. Food is donated by wholesalers, retailers, farms, restaurants and delivered to frontline charities, primary schools and holiday programmes, feeding London’s most disadvantaged people.  

2021 Operations: 3 depots (N,W, S London) │ Central London ‘Green Scheme’ │ 2,067 volunteers │ 31 vans │ 539 suppliers │ 125k meals delivered daily to help people in need │ 260,000 Londoners given food every week │ 800 charities & schools get Felix food for free │ 41,695 tonnes of greenhouses gases saved from polluting the atmosphere every year, the same as taking 9,000 cars off the road │ Aiming for 38 million meals in 2021 │ Aiming for 100 million meals annually by 2024

How your support helps us

Your support ensures we can keep feeding vulnerable people throughout London – not just now but also to meet the longer-term socio-economic impact of this crisis on millions of people throughout our capital city.

Our sole source of funding is from fundraising.

Every £10 donated to The Felix Project delivers enough food for 61 meals. Additionally, every donation made is multiplied 10x in terms of the value of the food we distribute, which represents a remarkable impact.

To quote one of our donors, The Felix Project gives ‘the biggest bang for the buck’ when he compares what we are able to do with our income to other charities he analyses.

Every £1 of expenditure redistributes £10 of food at retail value.

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! We can achieve this because nearly all the food we redistribute is donated free of charge by the food industry - it is surplus and would otherwise probably go to waste – and because we have a volunteer workforce driving our vans and working shifts in our depots, also completely free of charge.

We can only perform like this because of generous donations from our supporters and we hope you agree that the way we put our funding to use is something to celebrate in this time of crisis.

We are grateful to everyone a part of The Felix Family who help us deliver more food to more good causes across London to people in need.