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Suffolk Accident Rescue Service

SARS provides volunteer doctors and critical care paramedics who help treat critically ill/injured patients who need urgent and specialist care before they reach hospital. All our clinicians volunteer in their spare time without charge. Since 1972 we have helped save countless lives and treated thousands of patients in our local community. We rely on voluntary donations to support our work.


Registered charity no. 1168764

Member since February 2018

About us

SARS operates a network of volunteer solo and team responders across Suffolk. SARS responders include anaesthetists, consultants in emergency medicine and critical care paramedics. These prehospital specialists are mobilised to incidents when patients need an enhanced level of medical care before they reach hospital. SARS responders carry equipment and drugs which are not normally found on frontline ambulances. This enables them to undertake advanced procedures at the scene which would not normally be possible outside the hospital environment. These can be truly life-saving interventions aswell as helping reduce the chances of permanent disability. SARS is active in a predominantly rural area where there are significant distances between hospitals. Our solo responders are mobilised from their own homes meaning they can be on scene within minutes, a speed of response which can be vital for patients with life-threatening conditions. All SARS responders volunteer in their spare time without charge to the patient, the ambulance service or the tax-payer. We receive no central government funding and rely on voluntary donations to support our activity.