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Shelter believes everyone should have a home. We help millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services.


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Urgent Appeal: Lives on the Line

Urgent Appeal: Lives on the Line

Help us answer more calls from people in crisis.

For many, the real emergency is just beginning. Hundreds of thousands of people are living in fear of becoming homeless.

In addition to the health crisis, the pandemic has caused shocking levels of unemployment and economic hardship. With emergency protections coming to an end, we’re expecting a huge increase in the number of people who need our help.

In the last three months, a new person has called the helpline every minute.

Our online advice services are a lifeline for people who have been made homeless or who are at risk of losing their home.

‘If not for Shelter, I wouldn’t be here right now, that _day I had plans to take my own life. They gave me _hope - I can’t begin to express my gratitude.’ - Shelter helpline client

We hear first hand how deeply worried many people are about their homes and their futures.

Unemployment is the worst it has been in five years, and people are desperately struggling to pay their housing costs. The threat of homelessness is very real.

Over 700,000 renters in arrears are falling deeper and deeper in debt by the day.

We desperately need your support so we can answer as many calls as possible at this critical stage in the pandemic.

You Can Help:

£15 Could fund a webchat for someone facing homelessness  £5,100 Could fund our emergency helpline for one day, helping over 175 people in urgent housing need every day

£27,462 Could fund an emergency helpline adviser for 1 year, helping to provide expert advice to more people in urgent need

If you want to find out how you can support our urgent appeal, please get in touch at

Every donation will directly fund our vital helpline and digital advice services.

Working through coronavirus (COVID-19): A perspective from our Shelter Lancashire hub

Working through coronavirus (COVID-19): A perspective from our Shelter Lancashire hub

Shelter front-line staff have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide the vital skilled support that people facing homelessness desperately need. Shelter Hub manager, Carly Whitehead, on how the Lancashire team faced the challenges posed by COVID-19.

‘What can I say? Undeniably this year has been full of challenges, heartache and hardship. I look back to the 13 March, driving into work, not knowing that was the day that would change our service, not forever but for a very long time to come.

How did our service change and how did we support people?

There is absolutely no comparison to those on the front line, our NHS heroes, our Care Workers and Emergency Services. The pandemic has seen part of our service adapt to remote working, which has enabled us to support people over the telephone and online.

We have used our digital platforms in the most creative ways. The use of conference call has meant that we can still support those difficult conversations. For many, just knowing someone is there, that someone is on your side makes all the difference. Providing not just a phoneline for people needing help, but in many cases a lifeline.

I say a lifeline, because I reflect on the work of our team and hear them supporting someone who just wants to end it all. I listen to the feedback which says ‘I am only alive because of the help I have received from Shelter’.

At Shelter Lancashire we have received 9200 phone calls since that day

I wish I could say that reaches everyone, but I know it doesn’t. What about those people without a phone? What about those people without digital access?

Well, for those people, we resorted to the great outdoors. We have a base in the library building, which is well-established in the community. We knew that people would still need to access support who couldn’t reach us in any other way, but they knew where the library building was. I recall a person who had been to many places trying to get help; they had nowhere to live and no phone. Understandably, people would question, where do you go in a global pandemic with nowhere to live?

I am incredibly thankful that person found us, and I am so happy that we were there. The team supported that person outside of the library. It took one phone call to our Local Authority, and within minutes that person had somewhere to stay and was on the road to finding a home.

With such a close network of agencies, it’s possible for us to reach those that can’t get to the library, those that don’t have a phone.

Finally, I can’t write a post about this year without mentioning the team that made all of this possible. An inspiring bunch of people that have been committed to helping in any way they can. Video call has become our best friend, virtual coffee mornings are a huge highlight in the week, not to mention our resident poet who volunteers with us every week.

Double your Work for Good donations this Christmas!

Double your Work for Good donations this Christmas!

We’re delighted to announce that your business can become a #SmallBusinessStar and shine extra brightly, to make an even bigger difference to Shelter this Christmas!

Here’s how…

Work for Good will be doubling all your donations throughout December, up to the value of £500 per business whilst funds remain.

From Etsy entrepreneurs to altruistic accountants, we're inviting your business to get involved in this festive fundraising opportunity by donating between 1st-31st December. Join the Small Business Star match funding campaign and help us to raise vital for our services across the UK this winter.

Get involved and become a #SmallBusinessStar…

Step 1. Sign up for free at if you haven't already, referencing Shelter when prompted.

Step 2. Pledge a proportion of sales from your products or services, or a one-off Christmas donation to us and share your fundraising campaign with your customers or clients.

Step 3. Once the donation has been paid through your Work for Good account, they will then double this up to £500 per business between 1st - 31st December, whilst funds remain.

Help us to make a real difference to people’s lives this winter: the expert help Shelter provides thanks to donations like these, is a lifeline, and can mean the difference between somebody keeping or losing their home.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Best wishes,

The New Partnerships Team