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Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain is a pioneering charity that takes action for the large-scale restoration of nature to the point where it can take care of itself, helping to tackle the climate emergency and extinction crisis.

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Registered charity no. 1159373

Member since April 2020

Latest News

World Rewilding Day - 20th March 2022

World Rewilding Day - 20th March 2022

As we prepare to celebrate the second annual World Rewilding Day on 20 March 2022, we share seven reasons #WhyWeRewild.

Rewilding Britain celebrates the vital things rewilding can do – from helping fix the climate crisis to strengthening communities – and shares uplifting stories of rewilding already happening on the ground across Britain.

Wilder National Parks

Wilder National Parks

We’re so excited to  give you first sight of our new #WilderNationalParks campaign.

We’re calling on ministers to create wilder national parks. And we need your help for them to hear this loud and clear.

None of our national parks are wild enough to withstand the shocks of the extinction crisis and climate emergency. Most have become nature-depleted, ecological shadows of what they could be. Three-quarters of nature reserves in our national parks are in poor condition.

Decades-old laws are hindering the ability of national parks to lead the way in tackling the nature and climate crises. We want to change that.

We need wilder national parks that can lead the way to a healthier, more nature-rich Britain, boosting opportunities for communities and local economies.

The Prime Minister’s pledge to protect 30% of Britain’s land and sea for nature by 2030 isn’t credible without making our national parks wilder.

We’re calling on the UK government and devolved administrations to mandate wilder national parks and restore nature on a large scale. You can too.


Now is the time for thousands of us to call for wilder national parks. As hosts of the COP26 climate talks later this year, the eyes of the world are on the UK’s environmental credentials. The independent Glover Review has recommended creating ‘wilder areas’ in England’s national parks - but the UK government has yet to respond.

It’s time to ramp up the pressure. If we succeed, wilder national parks will help us:

  • Absorb carbon and help fight the climate crisis

  • Reduce flooding and improve water quality

  • Allow people to reconnect with nature-rich, wild places

  • Create much-needed habitats for declining plants, birds, mammals and insects

  • Offer new opportunities for communities and local economies, including nature-friendly farming, forestry, eco-tourism and recreation

  • Lead the way to a wilder Britain by inspiring rewilding and nature recovery nationwide.

Restoring our livelihoods and wellbeing alongside nature

Research from Rewilding Britain finds rewilding projects in England have boosted job and volunteer opportunities as well as boosting nature.

One of the prevailing myths about rewilding is that it’s not about farming and communities but about moving people off the land, leaving the countryside to heal without us and ceasing food production to let nature thrive.

As you might expect, that’s not how we see it at Rewilding Britain. Developing a good, robust, sustainable food system is vital for so many reasons, our good health among them. But so is rebuilding and maintaining functioning ecosystems. We believe we have the space for both rewilding and food production (see Rewilding the land for more), and that rewilding has the potential to boost local economies and even create jobs.

We published research in March 2021 which provides some evidence for this. We surveyed 23 rewilding sites across England, between them covering over 75,000 rewilding acres, and discovered that rewilding marginal land can significantly boost job numbers and volunteering opportunities. That’s in addition to tackling climate breakdown and potentially improving our health and wellbeing. All round, a win-win for us humans — who are, after all, part of nature too.

These landowners — many of them part of our new Rewilding Network — answered questions about livestock levels and types, the reintroductions and interventions they’re making or planning — and the role of people in their projects.