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Plan International UK

We are an independent child rights and humanitarian organisation committed to children living a life free of poverty, violence and injustice. We support children to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to claim their rights to a fulfilling life, today and in the future. We place a specific focus on girls and women, who are most often left behind.


Registered charity no. 276035

Member since December 2016

Latest News

Period Emoji Announcement// February 2019

Period Emoji Announcement// February 2019

Back in 2017, we ran a survey in the UK that revealed just how much shame and stigma surrounds  girls’ and women’s experiences of menstruation. Overwhelmingly, 54,600 people showed their support and voted on a period emoji design which we submitted to the Unicode Consortium.

Finally on 6th February 2019, we were thrilled announced the first ever period emoji has been approved. The emoji will hit keyboards in March 2019.

This is a fantastic step in creating a change in the conversation around menstruation, and showing that periods are normal. Together we will end the silence and stigma around periods, that create a real barrier to education for menstruators.