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Oxfam GB

Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable.

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Coronavirus: A Crisis on top of a Crisis

Coronavirus: A Crisis on top of a Crisis

Right now, we are living through unprecedented times as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate. For the world's most vulnerable people, this is a crisis on top of a crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic is an economic crisis as much as a health one, with estimates suggesting that half a billion more people could be pushed into extreme poverty. Yet, Oxfam believe there is an opportunity for us all to help deliver a just economic recovery, in the UK and globally. Working with our amazing partners and supporters, we hope that together we can overcome this crisis and advance progress towards a fairer and more equal world.

We are responding to COVID-19 in 62 countries; supporting men, women and children; sole traders and smallholder farmers; refugees and local entrepreneurs; national governments and local communities. We have been working hard to stop the virus spreading, and support communities impacted by disruption to their livelihoods and income. To date, we have reached over 4.5 million people through our network of 344 local partners.

Your support will make a real difference to some of the world's most vulnerable communities:

£10 can buy one hygiene kit, containing a bucket, soap, detergent and other items used to prevent the spread of disease.

£50 will provide a chickens and poultry kits for families to kickstart and run a business from home. With reduced access to markets and restrictions on travel, families can sell eggs and chickens from their homes to make a living.

£100 could provide toilets and washing facilities for up to 50 families

£500 could provide up to 5 small businesses with a cash grants to help cover economic damages caused by the pandemic lockdown.

Photo credit - Fabeha Monir/Oxfam

Nur's Story

Nur's Story

In Cox’s Bazaar refugee camp, Bangladesh, where over 855,000 Rohingya are living in extremely overcrowded conditions, we have stepped up our work on hygiene promotion and scaled up measures like soap distribution and sanitation facilities to help 70,000 refugees. Nur, a Rohingya refugee, stands inside her house wearing a protective mask as she prepares to go outside in Cox’s Bazar. She tells us, "I have lived in this refugee camp for almost three years. There are many challenges we are facing, including hot weather. It’s tough to live inside these tents. Now we cannot go to market to buy essential items. We are not able to work so we are having trouble. We do not have any money so we cannot buy what we need.”

Credit - Fabeha Monir/Oxfam

Abeer’s Story

Abeer’s Story

Abeer runs a small potato takeaway restaurant in Southern Gaza called Mrs. Kumpir. Kumpir means potato - the shop specialises in baked potatoes with various toppings. Abeer received support from Oxfam and partner Maan to set up her business through training and access to machinery. The takeaway is busy, and customers enjoy the meals, however running a business in Gaza still presents challenges – irregular electricity schedules and lack of access to basic stock supplies makes things difficult for Abeer on a daily basis.

“As a woman, me and a group of my friends enjoy a strong determination. If we intend to do something, we can get it, and that’s great. Lots of women have ideas - all they need is support. My dream work is with women."

Credit - Kieran Doherty/Oxfam