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Only a Pavement Away

We are the charity for the employment of vulnerable people into careers in the hospitality industry. We act as the conduit between forward thinking employers who have access to our FOC jobs board and the charities and organisations who support the homeless, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans.


Registered charity no. 1178082

Member since August 2019

Latest News

Big Hug Brewing sign up to raise £5,000

Big Hug Brewing sign up to raise £5,000

We are delighted to welcome our first Work for Good supporters - Big Hug Brewing.

Big Hug Brewing, who work with selected brewing partners to help produce its beers, rather than having a home brewery of their own, has launched Pave The Way Pale Ale to help raise £5000 for us this year.

Pave The Way Pale Ale features an impactful illustration of a member of the OAPA scheme in slight superhero stance, empowered by his new job and the opportunities created by OAPA. The funds raised will help provide vital financial support to help people on the OAPA employment scheme with rent, travel and essential living expenses as they make their transition into independent living.

Hospitality Against Homeleness

Hospitality Against Homeleness

The Hospitality Against Homeless Campaign aims to bring together the hospitality industry in a focused effort to provide immediate support to homeless people across London which includes fellow hospitality industry colleagues in crisis with meals, kitchen facilities/equipment and accommodation.

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Only A Pavement Away had two choices, stand back or step in to help – the choice was simple, we had to ensure our members didn’t fall back into destitution. We immediately set up an emergency pay gap fund to help bridge the 20% furlough pay gap for members as well as offering support to any member/non-member facing financial hardship, to help pay their rent and living expenses- and this support is ongoing.

However as the crisis unfolded, we started to see a rise in enquiries asking if OAPA could help in providing meals to homeless people across London. This was followed by a recent shocking report by The Guardian showing a surge in numbers of hospitality workers forced onto the streets due to job losses. In response, we set about introducing our hospitality employer partners with those charities looking to supply meals to the homeless and the response has been overwhelming.