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MicroLoan Foundation

We are a very different kind of charity, offering hope, not handouts. We enable some of the most vulnerable women in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to work their own way out of poverty. We help them start a business by providing a small loan, training and mentoring, enabling these women to provide food, healthcare and education for their families.


Registered charity no. 1104287

Member since August 2016

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Success Story: Evelesi

Success Story: Evelesi

Today we want to share with you the story of Evelesi, one of our superstar entrepreneurs.

Evelesi was born into a family living in poverty in Malawi. She grew up without the most basic necessities such as regular meals and clothes. She left school at age 12, and became a mother at the young age of 15.

Evelesi now has ten children, and is responsible for 12 dependants. Despite this huge responsibility on her shoulders, she has always been determined to ensure that none of her children endure the hardships she did growing up. Before she joined a MicroLoan group six years ago, Evelesi was already an aspiring entrepreneur selling cassava locally. However, sales were extremely slow, and there were barely enough customers to turn a profit. She joined MicroLoan for additional capital as well as the business and financial literacy training she needed to flourish as a businesswoman.

Equipped with the acumen to build a sustainable and profitable enterprise, Evelesi was able to grow her cassava business and expanded by opening a grocery store. The store was well-stocked and highly popular, so she was able to further diversify her business by purchasing three motorcycles to rent to other members of the community.

It is testament to Evelesi’s drive and determination that in just six years, she has almost tripled her weekly earnings. She is now on her 18th loan cycle with MicroLoan and runs three successful businesses with five employees. Evelesi’s success in business has not just transformed her own life, but the life of her 12 dependants, her brother, her husband and her employees. When one woman thrives, a whole community can be positively impacted.

With a steady income, Evelesi can afford nutritious food, and school fees for her children – necessities she never had growing up. She recently purchased three plots of land on which she has built a secure, self-contained home for her family. She hopes to send her children to university so they can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. What’s more, MicroLoan’s transformational impact has potential to engender long-term change. With support from MicroLoan, Evelesi has broken a cycle of intergenerational poverty, and rewritten the future of her family.

When you support MicroLoan on Work for Good you empower women just like Evelesi.

Margaret's Journey

Margaret's Journey

This Christmas Margaret and her family hope to finally have a place to call home. Like many women, she joined MicroLoan in the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Margaret is the mother to two young daughters.She wants to provide them with the opportunities she did not have. She is striving for a life that is not defined by poverty, but economic and political instability make this difficult to achieve.

With limited employment opportunities in the village where they live Margaret and her husband struggled to provide enough food and send their two young daughters to school.

The family lives with Margaret’s in-laws in a small, overcrowded house to make ends meet.

“We are young people, we want to grow and develop and build a life for our family but without employment this is very difficult.”

Margaret’s life is undergoing a transformation thanks to the business training, support and loans she is receiving from MicroLoan.

She was one of our first clients in Zimbabwe and started a chicken rearing business with her loans. Margaret and her husband have grown and developed this business over the last year. Their daughters are now able to have regular nutritional meals and attend school.

The business really is transforming the family’s life.

We created Margaret's Journey - a three part video series to bring you closer to our work. Over the next few weeks will we be sharing each episode. In turn, they explore how Margaret's life is changing because of her business.

Watch the first episode 'Educating a entrepreneur' below.

MicroLoan's Interview with Hannah Martin - Talented Ladies Club

MicroLoan's Interview with Hannah Martin - Talented Ladies Club

Each year MicroLoan Foundation helps over 65,000 women living in rural poverty in sub-Saharan Africa to become entrepreneurs and work their way out of poverty. MicroLoan provides these women with business and financial literacy training, on-going mentoring and small affordable loans so they can start businesses. The profits they generate from their businesses allow the women to increase their family’s access to healthcare, nutrition and education.

Our success in helping these women is in part due to generous donations made by our corporate partners here on Work for Good.

One of our partners, Talented Ladies Club uses the Work for Good platform to donate to MicroLoan. I had the opportunity to speak with Hannah Martin, the Founder and Director of Talented Ladies Club about our partnership.

Read below and find out what a partnership with MicroLoan could do for your business!

The Interview

What drew your attention to MicroLoan Foundation?

In August 2016 I received an email from MicroLoan about a campaign you were running at the time, and whether we could help share some of the stories from it. I really liked the sound of what you did – you were a small charity committed to helping women in sub-Saharan Africa to start businesses so they could work their way out of poverty, improve their family’s lives and prospects and (as a result) contribute positively to their local community.

So I got in touch to see how else we could help and we’ve had an ongoing relationship ever since.

How easy has donating to MicroLoan been on the Work for Good platform?

Work for Good has made it much easier to donate to MicroLoan. I know that any legal/paperwork side to donation are taken care of, and I can make direct payments through the platform quickly and easily.

What has been the highlight of the partnership between MicroLoan and Talented Ladies Club?

To me it’s knowing the difference Microloan are making to entire families and communities – to people who are far less fortunate in terms of money and opportunities than we are in the UK. To play even a tiny role in helping Microloan continue their work is an honour.

What positive impact has supporting MicroLoan had on Talented Ladies Club?

It’s enabling us to genuinely live up to our company mission and vision, and positively contribute to the world. Most importantly by empowering mothers to support their families and gain economic independence.

Why should other companies choose to support MicroLoan?

Because your money and support will genuinely make a difference. By providing women with small loans and business training and mentoring (via your support of MicroLoan), you help women to earn money to feed their family, to provide jobs and services for their local community, to earn money to spend within their local community, and you enable their children to remain at school – giving greater learning and hope to the next generation.

The average business starter loan lent to a woman in Malawi is just £22 – and that sum has the potential to transform an entire family’s lives for years to come. For me that’s a huge return on your donation.

On a personal level I also think we have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. If we all practiced that principle the world would be a very different – and much fairer – place.