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Leukaemia UK

Blood cancer is the third biggest cause of cancer deaths in the UK. Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer, it can affect anyone and it is the most common type of cancer in children. Although research has made progress over the years, the causes of the disease are still unknown and a cure remains to be found. Only 53.5% of leukaemia patients survive after 5 years from their diagnosis.


Registered charity no. 1154856

Member since March 2021

About us

Leukaemia UK funds ground-breaking research and care for those affected by Leukaemia and other blood cancers. We support scientists and doctors to carry out pioneering projects which advance our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of the disease, and provide the evidence needed to develop kinder, more effective treatments.

The John Goldman Fellowship Awards

Research funding needs to be supported by increased research capacity if we are to be successful in finding a cure for leukaemia. However, too many promising scientists and research talent are being lost from the research community due to lack of funding at the early stage of their career. It is only through the continuity of research that we will find the answers. That’s why at Leukaemia UK we offer the John Goldman Fellowship Funding – to support those talented research scientists who have the brightest ideas and are working on the most innovative projects. The more young talented researchers we support the greater the chance of ensuring succession of knowledge, the next scientific discovery and the greatest impact.

IMPACT – Clinical Trials

Stem cell transplantation is a potential cure for many blood cancers, including leukaemia, but there is an urgent need to improve patient outcomes. Advances in stem cell transplantation mean almost every patient can now find a suitable donor but, despite this, more than 50% of all adult patients still die within five years of their transplant. We are proud to be a part of the IMPACT stem cell transplant clinical trials initiative. This partnership aims to bring new drug and cellular therapies to patients.

Mind & Body

Leukaemia UK funds a novel project called Mind and Body which integrates physical and psychological care for blood cancer patients at every stage of their treatment. Mind and Body is an important research project which aims to establish if mental health awareness followed by addressing any issues will ultimately aid patient experience and recovery.

Helping Hand Fund

As part of Leukaemia UK’s commitment to patient care we offer this fund which provides awards of a fixed amount, a £200 ‘one-off’ payment, to help people who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of a blood cancer diagnosis/treatment or living with blood cancer. All grants are supported by a medical practitioner and can be accessed quickly to support those in urgent need with funds for heating bills, travel costs to hospital, new clothing needed due to changes in size during treatment and even help with the weekly food bill.