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Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hounds trains life saving Diabetic Alert Assistance Dogs for Children with Type 1 Diabetes. Through scent detection these amazing dogs are trained to alert to the subtle changes in the child's blood sugar levels and alert to the parents before the child's drop too low, preventing collapse, coma and potential death.


Registered charity no. 1165858

Member since November 2020

About us

Formed in 2016 Hypo Hounds is still a new and small grass roots charity. The charity trains specialist Diabetic Alert Dogs for Children (and sometimes adults) with Brittle Type 1 Diabetes. These children have no awareness of their blood sugars dropping dangerously low and for some they would collapse, or fall into a Diabetic Coma. Whilst there is currently no known cause for Type 1 Diabetes there is also no cure. There is no time off from daily injections, finger pricks and carb counting of every piece of food that the child eats. It is truly exhausting for not only the child but also the parents or carers who have little to no rest bite or support. Through early detection our dogs can alert to the changes in the child's blood sugar levels before they happen. Allowing the parents and child to be able to treat an impending Hypo way before it happens. This allows the child to continue to participate in the activity and reduces exclusion. Hypo Hounds are proud to state that since having a dog trained for the children we help not 1 has had an emergency hospital admission!!!! Saving the NHS Millions in unplanned hospital admissions every year. Not only do the dogs impact on the daily living of the child again through early detection we now have consultants stating that their patients are no longer at risk of loss of sight, amputation and renal failure later on in life. We really are improving lives ONE SNIFF AT A TIME.