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Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is a charity which works to rescue, reunite, reach out and rehome stray, lost and abandoned dogs and cats throughout the East of Scotland.

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Registered charity no. SC 006914

Member since August 2022

About us

Here at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, we strive to make sure that every pet has the loving home it deserves. And we get our claws into our cause.

OUR MISSION: Sometimes caring for dogs and cats in the unconditional way they love us means taking them in. But, sometimes, dog and cat rescue means keeping them exactly where they are. If a pet already has a loving home, we want to keep them there whenever possible. This sometimes means helping out owners whose circumstances have changed through our Pet Food Banks or by raising awareness of pet poverty to support lasting change. So rather than take them in and help them find a new home, we want to keep them where they’re already loved.

We’re a small but dedicated team united by our unconditional love of animals and our dedication towards their care, whatever it takes. We believe there’s goodness inside everyone – four legs or two – and we’re here to help those who need it.

Simply put, we believe in protecting loving homes, finding loving homes if that’s not possible, and running a loving home. Our goal is to support pets and their people in whatever way is best for them at the time. And to keep loving homes whole.

OUR VISION: We want to help create a community where all pets and their people are given a second chance at happiness. But, first and foremost, we want to create a world where these dogs and cats would never be given up in the first place.

We plan to achieve this through education, community work, fundraisers, and the political work we do in trying to affect real, lasting change in the field of animal welfare.

We work closely with Council and Police services, members of the public, and businesses both local and national towards making our mission happen. We’ve been going and going and going, day in, day out, since 1883. And we’ll never stop.

OPEN DOORS: Only with open doors and open hearts for pets and their people can we continue to rescue, reunite, and rehome dogs and cats across East and Central Scotland. Our open-door policy sometimes means we take in animals who have severe health conditions. These can come in many forms, including physical conditions, diseases, and mental health or behavioural problems.

We work for as long as it takes to rehabilitate an animal and find it the perfect loving home. Occasionally there are times when a condition is so severe that we have to make the difficult decision to put an animal to sleep. We never take this lightly and it can take months, sometimes years, of dedicated treatment and training before making the decision. Even then, only when all other options have been exhausted do we even consider it. Where there is hope for a home, we will never give up on any dog or cat.