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Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

When large-scale disasters hit countries without the capacity to respond, the DEC brings together 15 leading aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently. In these times of crisis, people in life-and-death situations need our help and our mission is to save, protect and rebuild lives through effective humanitarian response.

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Registered charity no. 1062638

Member since October 2018

Latest News

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

1.7 million people have fled their homes to escape conflict in Ukraine. Leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones, they need shelter, food and water.

Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country, causing hundreds of thousands to flee. Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Essential services have been hit. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost. DEC charities and their local partners are in Ukraine and across the border in the neighbouring countries. They are working to meet the immediate needs of all people fleeing with food, water, medical assistance, protection and trauma care.

  • £10 could provide essential hygiene supplies for one person for one month
  • £20 could provide emergency food for one person for one month
  • £50 could provide blankets for 10 people

What will happen next is unclear, but with your help DEC charities can scale up their response and help families affected by the conflict through this crisis.

DEC launches emergency Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

DEC launches emergency Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

People are starving in Afghanistan. More than 8 million are on the brink of famine as drought, conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic cause a catastrophic rise in hunger. Children are dying today, and a million more under the age of five are at risk of dying over the next three months. We need to act now to save lives.

The DEC has launched an emergency appeal for Afghanistan to be broadcast from Wednesday 15th December. Our member charities are working in 30 out of the 34 provinces in Afghanistan to reach those most in need and are able to get funds and aid into the country. They are coordinating closely with the local authorities and UN agencies to deliver humanitarian assistance in ways that best address the needs of those affected.

Years of conflict, poverty and the disruption caused by the pandemic were already taking their toll on the people of Afghanistan. The recent conflict and change of government, coupled with the worst drought in 27 years, have tipped the country over the edge. Economic collapse has sent food prices soaring.

If we don’t act now, many lives could be lost. Winter conditions are extremely harsh in Afghanistan and transport routes can be made inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. The UN predicts many lives will be lost if aid efforts are not immediately scaled up now before the winter conditions set in. More than 22 million people will face hunger this winter with children amongst those most vulnerable.

DEC charities are already on the ground, scaling up their operations and can reach the people most in need. Donations will help DEC charities and their local partners with the immediate and primary focus of the relief effort which is to save lives and provide food and emergency nutrition support for children.** Please donate today. **

DEC Coronavirus Appeal Funding Work in Eight Countries

DEC Coronavirus Appeal Funding Work in Eight Countries

With new variants of coronavirus threatening to overwhelm fragile health systems and the secondary effects of the pandemic driving up hunger, the DEC will now be allocating donations from its Coronavirus Appeal where the needs are greatest in all eight locations. This includes the original seven places - Afghanistan, DR Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh - and India.

The scale of need is immense. Several countries are on the brink of famine as a result of the secondary effects of the pandemic and displaced people remain vulnerable to new variants. It will be a long time before a significant proportion of the population can be vaccinated in fragile states such as Yemen or Somalia.

To find out more click here, or to hear about the aid that DEC Member Charities have delivered during the first six months of the appeal, click here.

This appeal has now closed. UK businesses and the UK public together raised an incredible £62million – thank you.