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Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 14 leading UK aid agencies to raise money at times of humanitarian crisis in poorer countries. By working together we can raise more money to save lives and rebuild shattered communities.


Registered charity no. 1062638

Member since October 2018

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DEC Coronavirus Appeal

DEC Coronavirus Appeal

Millions of lives are at stake as Covid-19 hits the world’s most fragile places: war-torn countries like Yemen, Syria and South Sudan. Help families who have lost everything as they face a deadly new threat.

Here in the UK we have all had to make unprecedented sacrifices to protect each other and save lives. And we have witnessed the tireless dedication of staff in our amazing NHS. Elsewhere, people in the world’s most fragile places also need our help: those in countries where there is no NHS; families who have fled conflict and hunger – and who are now living in crowded refugee and displacement camps where social distancing is impossible.

Imagine having to leave everything behind to keep your family safe, only to face a new, silent threat: Covid-19. This is the reality for people living in tents and makeshift shelters without running water in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, DRC and Afghanistan, as well as the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

These places have little access to medical care, clean water or enough food, making people extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. In these places, the virus is likely to be even more deadly than it has been here.

There are not enough hospital beds or supplies to treat those who fall ill. But, as we have seen in the UK, simple measures can make a huge difference. If we act now to protect millions of vulnerable people, many lives can be saved.

The 14 DEC member charities need your help to:

  • provide families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe;

  • provide frontline medical and aid workers with equipment and supplies to care for the vulnerable and sick; and

  • ensure families get enough food to prevent malnutrition, particularly amongst children.

People who have suffered so much need your help now more than ever to face this new threat. Please donate now at